How To: The Carrie Bradshaw Bun

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Hi Glitter Guide! Lauren here with a fun and easy hair tutorial! I’m still a huge fan of the the iconic Carrie Bradshaw’s sky-high bun. When paired with a feminine dress and some pretty Manolos, you’ll be ready to conquer the world (and the city!). There are many different ways to go about achieving this look–heavy teasing, the innovative sock–but for this particular style, I opted for a hair bun I found on Amazon called a “hair rat.” It’s super easy to use–and for only $4, you can effortlessly create the perfect bun. Here are the steps!

1. Start with your hair in a high ponytail. Mine just happened to be already curled, but straight locks work even better!
2. Have the hair rat ready to begin rolling your bun.
3. Starting from the ends of your hair, take the hair rat and roll underneath the ponytail.
4. Make sure all hair is gathered and that it is tightly wrapped around the hair rat. Roll all the way down to the ponytail holder.
5. Take the ends of the hair rat and pull to the front, creating a donut shape. Snap the ends of the hair rat together.
6. Loosely pull hair from the sides of the bun to cover the front so that the hair is evenly distributed. Bobby pin the bun all around to secure.

Voilà! A perfect Carrie bun.


  • http://www.DittyDropsBlog.blogspot.Com/ Meredith K Schwab

    very cute and easy, I’ve  been battling with the doughnut, I think ill have to make the switch to the hair-rat haha

    • thankfifi

      I have a doughnut too and it’s a nightmare – hair rat definitely looks the way to go!
      ♥ ThankFifi

  • christinet

    what length is your hair-rat?

    • Lauren Wickman

      8 inches! But they vary in size and color! I chose a bigger size because I have a lot of hair!

  • Jessica

    Ooh, I’d never heard of the hair rat!  Definitely going to try!

  • Janelle Borelli

    Ohh this looks so much easier than me trying to use a white sock! Can’t seem to get it to work and roll it right.  

  • Kat

    The infamous sock bun~! I’ve done it once and it was great! Then I cut my hair short the next day :( Can’t wait to grow it out again and do it again!


  • Tara

    This seems super easy!  A must try!

  • Shubana K

    Get out of town!
    A hair rat? I’ve been schooled! This looks great

  • Courtney

    Who doesn’t wan to look like Carrie Bradshaw! Great Tutorial! 

  • Gaby

    Look at you!! So happy to see you here Lauren! Great tutorial 😉

  • nutbirds

    In the olden days, when people wanted to put their hair up, they made their own rats.  When I woman brushed her hair, she would place the loose hair on the brush into a hair receiver.  This was a jar with a circle in the lid that matched her dresser set. When she had enough hair, she would use an old stocking and stuff it with hair into the desired shape.  Rats were really important in the forties, when women rolled the front of their coiffure up, or rolled the back up. French twists usually did not have rats.  Ann

  • Camille Deann

    I just ordered a hair rat, can’t wait to try it out!  I’ve been looking for a better way to achieve this chic hair style… thank you for this fabulous tip!

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  • Kate

    Where do you get a hair rat? What is it??

  • Kati

    I don’t have a hair round thing im 9 so ya

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