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We were tickled pink at the opportunity for an inside scoop of Blushington, a fabulously chic Los Angeles make-up lounge. Founder Stephi Maron’s vision for this beauty business began when she realized how few places offered reliable make-up services for multiple occasions. Blushington is a cheerful and insanely comfortable environment where customers can choose from an array of beauty services (and hopefully pick up a tip or two along the way from the experts!). While such a luxury is typically seen as a limited one, Stephi hopes her clients will embrace this practical pampering for their everyday lifestyles. Bottom line: the artists at Blushington will work their magic make-up wands to ensure that you leave putting your best face forward!

Stephi Maron, Founder of Blushington.

What is Blushington?
Blushington is a home away from home — an affordable makeup and beauty lounge located in Los Angeles. Blushington provides professional makeup applications in a well-designed and chic atmosphere (sessions start at $20). In addition to six signature looks, the menu also includes Full-Face Makeup Application, Eyes-Only, On-the-Go for weekdays, and Camera-Ready application options (as well as waxing, tweezing, and lash services like tinting and extensions).

Jenna getting her makeup done at Blushington.

How did the concept come about?
Once, when I had family in town, they were looking for a place to get their makeup done. The problem? I could not think of the perfect place to take them! I didn’t want to send them to a department store or a salon, because those places often stick to one brand (and you’re not guaranteed a great professional makeup application). I wanted a place that was fun and affordable — and one that felt like home.

I am trying to revolutionize the makeup application concept by making it a need versus a want. My intention is to change the mindset of men and women regarding makeup applications. Getting your makeup done shouldn’t be thought of as just a luxury for special occasions like prom or weddings. Makeup application should be done more frequently  — for dates, before work, for dinner out with girlfriends, etc.

An array of Stila products that are used during the Makeup applications at Blushington and are also available for retail at Blushington.

What can women expect when they walk into Blushington?
Women can expect to be pampered and beautified in a fun atmosphere while drinking complimentary champagne. Our motto is ‘less is more’ when it comes to the makeup application, but ‘more is more’ when it comes to customer needs. Our goal is to please you. If you’re not happy with something, don’t worry — it won’t hurt our feelings! We will change it so that you walk out of Blushington feeling good!

Like Drybar, you offer women the option of bringing their own makeup ideas or selecting from a book with signature looks that you do. Is there a most popular request?
The most popular look is a mixture between the ‘smoke and mirrors’ look and the ‘simply glowing’ look. Our customers often combine their favorite looks into one.

The design and styling of your boutique is so beautiful. Tell us about it.
Thank you! The design, style, and color took the longest to decide on. I knew I wanted a space that was old Hollywood and traditional but that had a modern twist. I have to give so much credit to Josh Heitler, the architect and designer, who made all of my wishes come to life! We put so much thought into every little detail. The lighting at Blushington, for example, is so cool! We can switch the lighting to show our customers what they will look like from day to night!

Founder Stephi Maron and makeup artist Jess having fun with the makeup products at Blushington.

Are you opening new locations soon? Where?
I hope so! Opening new stores is definitely in the works. I would love to go to New York, Las Vegas, Dallas — and eventually go international!

Do you have any basic tips for women looking to invest in makeup products? What are some must-haves?
For women who tend to not wear a lot of makeup (or any makeup at all), I would suggest investing in products that are multifunctional. For example, I love the Beach Tints by Becca. You can use them on your cheeks and lips. Plus, a little goes a long way. Another must-have item is the Cheekie Lip and Cheek Shine in Peachie by Julie Hewitt. It’s great if you’re always on the go!

I suggest investing in great mascara and beauty balm. I am absolutely obsessed with Kevin Aucion’s Curling Mascara! It lasts ALL day, even when I’m exercising and running around. I love Stila’s HD Beauty Balm — it’s made with great ingredients and keeps my skin hydrated. It also acts as a tinted moisturizer, which is an added bonus!

Founder Stephi Maron with makeup artists Jess and Jamie.

How do you sparkle?
I sparkle when I see smiling faces walk out of Blushington. To me, that means we’re making a difference, which is a great feeling . I also sparkle by having my friends, family, and my pets around me. Also, I can never go a day without something sweet!

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