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With impeccable style, a dream job and an envy-inducing home, Tori Hendrix has added yet another credential to her list: helping to raise the next crop of Glitter Girls. Tori puts love and attention into everything in her life, including her personal style and her event planning business, Sitting in a Tree Events. Lucca, however holds a special, irreplaceable part of Tori’s heart. With a beautifully curated wardrobe and bedroom girls of any age would adore, Lucca is well on her way to joining her inspiring mama in the ranks of stylish women on our radar.

A custom tent designed by Tori for an event, offers the perfect shady spot for a babe.  The quilt was a gift made out of napkins from Tori & Austin’s wedding in Mexico

What are some of your favorite things about Lucca Valentine?
She makes me slow down, pause, and really see things again for the first time. The way a tree blows in the wind, the way music sounds, the way our dog’s fur feels. That’s magic. I feel like I’m really living life to the fullest for the first time. And I want to be better for her. Eat better, love harder, laugh louder. Avoid toxic situations and people. Being a mama means leading by example. She’s a huge motivation to be a better person. And well, it helps that she’s crazy happy and super mellow. We tote her everywhere. She’s my constant buddy and that’s pretty hard to beat.

A Shanna Murray vinyl decal decorates the nursery door.

What was your maternity style and what is your momma style? Has your style changed at all?
I never bought a stitch of maternity clothing, but that’s because I’m kind of a ‘romantic’ dresser at heart. I love flowy, feminine things and as much as I think the word is overused, ‘bohemian’ kinda describes it. I’m a sunshine-y California girl and love that effortless look that people like Kate Hudson have. I just kept rocking a lot of Free People throughout my pregnancy (it just got tighter, yikes!) and that continues to this day. I tend to throw on my uniform, which is a long dress layered with a lot of accessories and messy hair. Some sparkle for night. It’s fast, comfortable, and hard to screw up. Seriously just like throwing on yoga pants, which I don’t do (unless I’m truly doing yoga!). Essential now that I’m also dressing another person. Living in Southern California means I was able to wear this all year long, with a bump or without. I remember being in college and people would always ask me why I wore dresses so much. It’s just who I’ve always been, and that style hasn’t changed too much over the years. I’m so not a jeans and t-shirt girl.

What’s your beauty routine these days?
Pretty minimal. I like big messy hair so I wash it a few times a week, let it air dry, and rarely brush it. I probably look a bit disheveled to people sometimes if I’m honest! It’s not for everyone. Luckily my husband digs it! Dry shampoo is amazing. I wear messy buns quite a bit, too. I love Dior mascara so it would be a rare day if you saw me without that. Josie Maran’s Argan Oil Moisturizer is a fave. It has sunscreen too, so it’s a few steps in one. I’m a girly girl and I love makeup so I still indulge here and there when I can, but I try to not spend more than a few minutes a day getting ready unless it’s for a special event. I kinda can’t wait for the day Lucca and I can paint each others’ nails!

A gift from a friend, while Tori was still pregnant, the Lou Lou Ghost Chair by Kartell.  Lucca’s dress is from Zara kids

The nursery, designed around the Ferm Living wallpaper, features a Confetti System garland, flea market finds, an Urban Outfitters rug & gold piggy bank that was an anniversary present.

What is little Lucca’s style?
Girly. Romantic. Vintage. Sometimes sparkly. I was over-the-moon (to say the least) about having a girl. It was my dream and I may have cried happy tears when they told me. I just adore girly, beautiful things and I couldn’t wait to share that. I buy a lot of vintage because it’s just so pretty and doesn’t have words all over it or look like sweats like the clothes you find in a lot of big baby stores. And dresses aren’t saved for special occasions around here!  My mom saved a lot of my pretty clothes from when I was a babe, so she wears those now, too, which is pretty awesome. I also really like babies to look like babies (which may be why people tell me she looks like a doll a lot!) and wear things that I only wish I could wear but would look ridiculous on an adult. That means ruffles and frills and bows. We have fun with it! There’s plenty of time for casual later in life.

A selection of Lucca’s ever growing shoe collection, and mother/daughter ID bracelets engraved with Lucca’s birth date.

Mama & baby time in the nursery.  The sequin tunic is by Boyod.

What are Lucca’s favorite things to do?
Snuggle up to our dogs. I’m the biggest animal lover I know, and it was insanely important that she grow up being kind to animals and knowing the love they bring. I had a big fear of having a child and finding out they were allergic or something!  It would have crushed me. Thankfully, she already adores them. And, laughing — we were so blessed with such a sweet, happy girl. It’s rare that you will see her cry and when she laughs it’s like bells for my ears! Her dad does a pretty good job of cracking her up.

We also spend a big part of our day getting outside and taking very long walks with our pups. It’s the key to all of our sanity around here!

Every Sunday we go to the Farmer’s Market. It’s been a ritual from the time she was 2 weeks old. I love shopping for flowers and produce with her in the fresh air and sharing that time together.

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