Glitter Guide x Sephora: 1 Girl, 6 Lipsticks

Videography: Cooper Carras

If eyes are the gateway to the soul, then lips are the visual representation of the sentiment within! A Glitter Girl’s lip color is an integral part of her style and attitude—it has this mysterious way of boosting any look with just a couple of carefully-crafted swipes. If you’ve never given lipstick a chance or don’t even know how to start, it’s time to crump your slump—and the Glitter Guide is here to help ya do it!

We partnered with Sephora (the makeup mecca!) to show you how to rock six lipsticks with different looks—all crafted by expert makeup artist and hairstylist Erin Dudley for the adorable Erin Hiemstra. Don’t just stop at the six shades we used: go CRAZY and buy all kinds of fun colors. Style yourself well, bolster your confidence, and blow lots of air kisses!

Click page numbers below for more information on our favorite lip colors!

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Author: Abby Vancisin

Abby is always on the hunt for affordable fashion, beauty and décor. Abby and Taylor are not related—that they know of ... Follow along on Instagram!

  • Wish the video could’ve zoomed in on her but those colors look great! If only I knew the exact shades for myself.

  • A fun and informative look at a cosmetic product I have never given enough attention! I wonder what your thoughts on gold lip color might be!

  • I like that it shows you can wear more than 1 color. You are often told that there is only 1 shade for you. I think I’ll try some new shades. Exciting!

  • If make-up guides, especially for lipsticks, showed the shades on three women of different skin color, it would be a more universal help. As an olive-skinned gal, seeing what looks good on a fair-skinned gal is not telling enough. Just a thought :)

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