Style At Home: Jamie Meares of Furbish Studio

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Style At Home: Jamie Meares Of Furbish Studio

Photography: Marie Cox

We’ve all come to love Jamie Meares’ eye catching blog and ubiquitous store, Furbish Studio so when we heard she was making a few changes in her personal home, we couldn’t resist a peek inside! Jamie’s strong design sense is evident everywhere, from the monogrammed shower curtain to the carefully curated bookcase display. Jamie is a master at layering textures, patterns and colors and we find her bold designs so inspiring!

What was your inspiration for starting Furbish Studio?
When I first started Furbish, I tried to imagine what it would be like if I could bring Domino magazine to life, in an environment where you mix high with low, where everything has a certain ‘can’t live without quality,’ and just the thought of planning where a new acquisition would go in your home would get you excited to start decorating. I have fun mixing together whatever catches my eye at the time in the shop, and enjoy the outcome (usually!) and I hope I inspire others to try to be as true to their whims at home. I think that’s the key to happy and fun decorating—your style should reflect what you love, what makes you smile, and what makes you feel good about yourself.

We imagine it’s hard to part with most of the merchandise in your store—how do you decide what comes home with you?
I try to only bring home things that I absolutely love, and know that I’ll forever regret if I part with—I’m also mostly out of space in my current home, so that helps! There’s barely a speck of empty wall left, and definitely no room for more furniture, so that makes it easier.

“I’ve tried in the last few years to collect more classic pieces, that will outlive the flashier trends that I’m into.  Bringing more timeless pieces into my home helps to temper the of-the-moment vibe I gravitate towards. For example, I brought home this antique tortoise shell etagere, but filled it with hello kitty collectibles, pink lacquer boxes and trashy novels. Collecting is the most fun part of decorating, and it yields the best results, I think, so I’ll never be done!”

“I don’t think you should force a bar if it’s not natural – but if you do like to entertain and enjoy mixing cocktails, I think pretty bottles and fun glasses are always eye candy in a room.  It’s like fancy jewelry.”

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  • Sadieandstella

    James. You are as fabulous as ever! Adore everything in your house and am contemplating moving in. Also, that tortoise shell armoire is to die for. I. DIE!

  • Katinthekitchen

    What a lovely and eclectic home. I love the color displayed throughout the home and that Ms Meares doesn’t conform to a particular style.  Looks like she has everything she wants to be surrounded by and it is exactly where she wants it to be. What a pleasure it must be to open the door and walk into a home that is stylish and welcoming at once. So happy to see Marie Cox of Phreckles Photography on GG.  I have been following Marie since she had her photography blog and she is magnificent.  As I am new to GG, if Ms Cox is a contributer, great! If not grab her!

    • Marie Cox

      What a sweet comment. It was fun to photograph Jamie’s home.

  • Comfy Cozy Couture

    Jamie Meares is amazzzzzing and I am seriously dying over that tortoise etagere…freaking gorgeous along with everything else! She rocks and is the pattern mixing masstaaaa!

  • Kate

    Beautiful!!  I love all the little details – would love to live there! 😉

    Your dogs are adorable too! 

  • Jamie O.

    Furbish is on my list of places to visit and I know it will be difficult to leave without buying everything in the store!! Great feature. 

  • Rachel C

    This is really cute and Iove how it falls outside of Glitter Guide’s normal look. Jamie, I read your blog everyday and love it! Question: Where is that adorable embroidered pillow from? I need that quirky thing in my life! :)

    • Jamie Meares

      Hey! It was a thrift store find. Try searching on ebay

      • Rachel C

        Thanks so much!

  • Andrea Jardine

    I only recently discovered Furbish so I am so happy about this post! I love these photos of her home. 

  • fourhendersons1

    I love Jamie’s style, and her sense of humor!!!

  • Sam E Penner

    Jamie is such an inspiration for me- she makes me push my own limits in design.  LOVE her fun aesthetic.

  • Alyson

    What a gorgeous space… you can tell there are so many pieces that are close to her, that add to her personality. Amazing!! 

  • Emily Nickell

    Another great feature for Jamie Meares.  I have enjoyed watching her star rise and the acclaim is much deserved.  I sing her praises all the time that I feel like a broken record but truly she is one of my go to sources for inspiration and quite a taste maker herself.  She is a mix master!

  • Guest

    All so fun and lively! I particularly love that striped navy flame stitch ottoman with red piping in the third to last photo. Any chance we can get it in pillow form? Or info on the fabric? 

    • Jamie Meares

       we carry the fabric at furbish – just shoot us an email for more info!

  • Theresnoplacelikehomemke

    Congrats Jamie – looks great. Love the navy and white matching chairs – such a beautiful shape and patturn

  • Abby

    Hey Jamie, I love LOVE the water colored fabric on your office chair!! Who makes it? Thanks:)

    • Jamie Meares

       it’s a vintage remnant i had  — so no more =(

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  • Amber

    LOVE Jamie! She really knows how to bring it all together…LOVE THAT

  • Bethany at Powell Brower Home

    awww so well said.  glad you featured her!  i love everything, especially her pretty sage advice.

  • rachel_c_evans

    Jamie, you managed to do the impossible- make your house even more fabulous then when it was featured in High Gloss.  I cannot tell you what an awesome experience this has been to see you turn your awesome blog into a glitterific donkeytastic empire. You rock it. hard. 

    My most burning question is who made and where did you find those amazing brown leather wooden soled sandals?!? They are so hot!!

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  • Kerrie Felton

    Wow!! What an incredibly eclectic and amazing home – it looks like such a FUN place to live!!! I am well and truly inspired to relax a little when decorating now and just have fun with it all. Minimalism schminimalism!! Colour and patters are the new black!

  • Kat

    This is a beautiful set up! And all the trinkets are amazing! I wish I could do something like this to my home… actually, I say that about almost every home decor post GG puts up… I just want something cuter… period.  :(


  • Lindsey Suggs

    Love this feature on Jamie’s home! She has definitely pushed me to add more pattern and curated collectibles in my own home. I feel so lucky that Furbish is only two hours away from me! Thanks, Jamie & GG.

  • Day1986

    Your home and style are just lovely. How inspiring! Can you please tell the source of your monogrammed shower curtain and little (makeup?) bag??!! Thank you so much! xo

    • jamie

      bag is from h&m – shower curtain overstock

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  • abby archer

    Jamie is the 😉 Love seeing my old friend rock it out.

  • Nicole

    I squealed with delight when I saw Glitter Guide was taking us inside Jamie’s place. A visit to Furbish is high on my bucket list. Jamie’s blog is such an inspiration to me to 1) make decorating and LIFE more fun; 2) follow your dreams!!

    Now, I have to hunt down where to get an “I heart ME” mug…

  • Lauren Battaglia

    I’ve been stalking that shower curtain for the longest time! Where is it from?

    • jamie

      shower curtain is from overstock

  • Carla

    I’m glad you guys did interview with someone so eclectic!! Love it!

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  • Nat

    This home is ahhhmazzzing!!! I adore all the color and fun prints! Who wouldn’t want to come home to this!!

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  • Townk

    Love your home!  I would like to know about the white monogramed shower curtain.  Is it available at Furbish?

    • jamie

      the shower curtain was from!

  • cassie {hi sugarplum}

    LOVE seeing Jamie’s home and hearing more of her advice. I hang on every word, picture and design she creates.

  • RoChelle

    Like the sign “Do not take bottles out of this area”. Something I’m used to doing. Long story……..

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  • Guest

    Hi Jamie…love your home! Where did you get your curtains in your bedroom? Where can I get that fabric?

  • ARKarns

    Do you know where her canopy bed is from? So lovely! Thank you! 😉

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