Crazy About Curls

We’re all about natural beauty here at Glitter Guide, and we have sincere respect (and a little envy) for girls who have naturally curly hair. There’s something so wild and fun about a spiral mane and the girls who are lucky enough to have them often have a very outgoing and free-spirit. On the flip side, many girls who have mega curls aren’t sure how to handle them or have trouble finding products that work for them. All curls are different and it’s best to look for products designed for specific types of curls or styles.

That’s why we love what Paul Mitchell has created with their “Truth About Curls Campaign,” which features real women who have struggled with their curls, but ultimately learned to love them. So they asked these women to share stories about their curls and they want you to share YOUR story too. Head to their Facebook page and share your curl confession and have the chance to win the great Curls products. Use the hashtag #curlconfession on Twitter or Instagram to see what other curly haired mavens are talking about.

Check out fashion blogger Christina’s curl confession video and get inspired by their fun community page HERE.

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This post was brought to you by Paul Mitchell. 

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  • I’m beyond jealous of girls with big thick curls. I have curly, but super thin hair, so my hair curls then falls and becomes limp when it dries. If only I had big thick hair!

  • I have wavy hair and am a huge advocate of sexy, Victoria’s Secret style curls / waves. Did you hear that pin straight hair is coming back in? The trend was spotted on Mad Men’s, Christina Hendricks. She looks hot, but not sure how I feel about poker straight…

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