6 Ways To Decorate A Mantel

[tps_header]With fall approaching, we’re eager to grab our favorite book, a cup of hot chocolate, and relax near the fireplace. With all that time and focus around the fireplace, it makes autumn the perfect time to decorate your mantel. You don’t have to get holiday festive quite yet, just focus on styling. When it comes to decorating a mantel there are a few key items that will help: a large mirror and two or three smaller objects (like candlesticks or curiosities). The easiest way to start is with the large object such as a mirror or piece of art and then create balance on the left and right by using groupings of items that work well with the main focal item. However, you can style it so many different ways and it will still look chic and stylish. Here are six mantels to help inspire you.[/tps_header]
Create a dramatic statement with fun art in different scales. To create more interest, add a vase with extra tall flowers that compliment the colors in the room. Here, the purple flowers look great against the light pink artwork and grey walls. (image)

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