Lipstick Lover: Missoni Spring ’13 Fluro Pink Lips

[tps_header]The Glitter Girl is a major lipstick lover! She never leaves the house without a fresh coat of her signature hue. So we’re always on the lookout for great colors and trends. Missoni debuted their Spring 2013 collection this week and their lip color could quite possibly be the best we’ve seen all season.

Lucia Peroni and her team at M.A.C. cosmetics did the makeup and described the lip color as “..a strong, fluoro pink.” It’s a four-part mouth that included a blend of MAC Lipmix in Magenta, Orange, and White, which the face painter topped with loose pigment in Red Electric.

A four-part lipstick process is likely to leave your lips extremely dry. If you’re eager to try this at home, try a matte lipstick such as M.A.C.’s So Chaud mixed with a little of M.A.C.’s Candy Yum-Yum. Or use a lip pencil and dab lip balm over your lips and then use eye shadows or pigments and mix them into the balm for your desired color. Try Make Up Forever’s Pure Pigments in Fuchsia, Orange, and Bright Red.

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