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[tps_header]It’s an amazing experience when we discover a new bag that totally transforms an outfit.  It’s even more exciting when purchasing that bag helps out a worthy cause. If you think that’s too good to be true, check this out. Joy Gryson and her husband Pete have created a line of bags, the IIIBeCa line, that are not only stylish and functional, but have a charity component as well. For each bag sold, a percent of the price is donated to a charity chosen by Joy and Pete. Joy invited us into her TriBeCa store to take a look at the purses and learn even more about this stellar line.

Photography: Alexandra Frumberg 

Tell us, what inspired you to start the IIIBeCa collection?
The IIIBeCa collection was inspired by the idea that Peter and I wanted to give back to our community and the causes that are very important to us. We have always felt that way and have been trying to find the right vehicle in order to do so for some time now. One evening, we went to a fundraiser for Family Focus Adoption Services, an adoption agency that my mother and other adoptive advocates founded. Knowing how much this little agency has accomplished and how hard it works to find permanent loving homes for hard-to-place children was the final catalyst to get this idea into motion. We did not want to wait any longer! We knew that we wanted to give back in a different way, not by directly donating, but by including the public, retailers and consumers. We feel that it is important for as many people as possible to be aware of these not-for-profit organizations. The IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson collection came to fruition when we realized that there was an opportunity to make simple chic bags that were colorful, easy, functional and fun, all for under $200, which in our minds, gave the retailer and consumer a very easy reason to buy, and in turn donate, learn about the causes and feel great about their purchase.

Joy Gryson in her NYC boutique 

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