6 Ideas For Decorating With Chalkboards

[tps_header]Chalkboards are a practical and ridiculously fun way to decorate your home. They provide a fresh and entertaining canvas for recipes, doodles, to-do lists, and even love notes! (We’ll get behind anything that encourages artistic spontaneity!) Here are six great ideas for chalkboard décor.[/tps_header]
Paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint. It’s a great talking piece at dinner parties (and a perfect way to showcase the evening’s menu!) that’s sure to get guests’—or kids’—creative juices flowing. (image)

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  • OOh I do love a good chalkboard. I’ve found so many uses for it at home. I’ve painted the side of my kitchen cabinets in it, so I now have a planner for meals, recipes and things to add to the shopping list. I also find the odd cute message on there from my partner too.

    They are also really handy for weddings too, I’m a wedding planner by day and have created things like signage for my guests as well as chalkboard placemats for the kids. We outlined their names and gave them a little bucket of coloured chalk to play with, keeps them entertained for hours!! Thanks for sharing.

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