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Win Tory Burch Coin Purse

The season of giving is right around the corner! It’s a great time for us to make wish-lists for the items we’ve been coveting, and we’re doing it on Keep.

Keep is an excellent e-commerce platform that allows users to create collections of items that are already on the site or ones that they “keep” with a bookmark that live on their toolbar. It’s super easy and a great place to store gift ideas. Plus, shoppers can browse Keep to enjoy an endless assortment of handpicked products, follow tastemakers, and post their own discoveries. But most importantly, users can have an awesome shopping experience. Most image-sharing websites do not connect products to purchase, but Keep does. Every item is available for sale, and is only one click away from the retailer for checkout and shipping.

Our Keep Collection!

Keep is offering users a chance to win some of the site’s most coveted items through a thirty-one-day giveaway contest, or Keepstakes—running from October 15th through November 14th. We’re excited to partner with Keep and give readers the chance to win this Tory Burch Amanda Zip Coin Purse valued at $95! It’s a classic item, and the color is just gorgeous for fall.

Here’s how to enter:
Visit TODAY and “Keep” the Amanda Zip Coin Case by adding it to one of your collections—make sure to include the hashtag #GlitterGuide in the caption box! Then come back to Glitter Guide and let us know you entered. The winner will be chosen from everyone who used the #GlitterGuide hashtag! You have until midnight tonight (10/31/12). The winner will be announced on Friday. Good luck!

The winner is…. Sophie Angeline !!! 

  • MaryAnn

    Entered! Adorable bag, cute that it’s orange for Halloween today – happy Halloween!

  • Maria A. Malaveci

    I just entered. I totally need this cute coin purse! And, beautiful orange, just for Halloween!


  • Caitlin

    I entered, too! Love the orange color.

  • Myrine

    #GlitterGuide Just entered!

  • Erika Glover Wycoff

    I entered! Love this coin purse!! So cute!!

  • Laura

    Just entered!

  • Amanda B. Nguyen

    Just Entered!

  • Jacqueline

    I entered! (username: bloggingbeauty) I love the color of this!

  • Julie Hart

    entered!! dancinhart 77 at gmail dot com

  • Yanay

    I entered! Love that orange, perfect color!
    Thanks :)

  • Jaclyn

    Entered!! What a lovely leather pouch!

  • Dana Carr

    I entered! Fingers crossed it’s my new fall accessory! Thanks! (DAnastasi)

  • Cristina

    I entered, love the color! #GlitterGuide

  • Ceperk

    I entered! Would be so perfect for fall! #GlitterGuide :)

  • SentimentalistLisa

    I entered! (llschriver)
    This would be a lovely piece to win.. I imagine giving it to my best friend for Christmas

  • Meghan F.

    Love the GlitterGuide Keep Tory Burch coin purse! The color is the perfect pop of color to transition into the fall and winter months!

  • Brianna Leija

    Did it! great fall color :)

  • Val

    Entered! Happy Halloween!

  • Hana H.

    Just Entered! ^_^

  • Rachael Hayden Harten

    I did it – Love the orange :)

  • What Would Kate Do

    Entered! Love the coin purse!

  • heather

    entered!! happy halloween!!

  • pegah

    “kept it” in my accessories collection! love it! :)

  • Andrav23

    Love love love this coin purse! So Halloween appropriate :)

    Here is where I entered:

  • Dapperette

    “Kept It” in my Schmandy Collection

  • Jackye

    Kept it to my accessories collection. Love the color!!!

  • KellyK1415

    Definitely just signed up for Keep! Love the idea…Kept the coin purse in my “Pretty Things” collection,

  • Elizabeth Shrider

    Kept in my accessories collection! Love Tory Burch!

  • denise

    It’s been kept in my “style” collection.

  • Diana

    What a great giveaway! I’ve entered! Happy Halloween Glitter Guide Team! Thanks!

  • Frannie

    Kept it in my #GlitterGuide collection :)

  • Meganbuffalo

    kept it – Happy Halloween! :)

  • Katie Windisch

    officially entered! love the color!

  • Laura Grant

    I’ve entered! Fingers crossed! Good Luck to all & HAPPY HALLOWEEN! #GlitterGuide

  • Csands

    Added to my collection! Love!

  • patti

    Entered in “want” collection

  • Caroline

    Added to my new collection #GletterGuide. Thanks!!!

  • Andrea Gomez

    Entered! So excited and the Keep site looks great. I’m definitely going to be addicted!
    Happy Halloween!

  • Bonnie

    Trying to create an account on KEEP and I’m not able to. It wont accept my email address as a valid login… Anyone else having this problem?

  • Elysa

    Added to my collection!! Love the color!

  • Caitlin

    I entered and i absolutely love it! it’s the perfect fall accessory!!

  • Jenn

    I just entered the giveaway! #GlitterGuide

  • Sharon

    I entered and love Tory and the color!

  • Tyler

    Entered the “keepsakes.” love it.

  • Maeghan

    I entered!! Ive been eyeing a TB coin purse for months and this is THE perfect color for fall!! xo

  • akeeneye

    I entered with #glitterguide. Great color for coin purse.

  • Mary O’hagan

    I entered!!!! love the color!!!

  • Kristen

    I entered and included the hashtag on my pinterest pg!

  • Kristen Nelson

    I joined! I have a friend who would die for this! Perfect Christmas gift!!

  • Jflo


  • mahn289

    I entered in my tory collection

  • Anne M

    I entered! Love the coin purse. Thanks!

  • Alyssa

    Entered! I love everything Tory Burch and #GlitterGuide

  • Sushu Wang

    I did it! I’m excited!

  • sez


  • Hannon

    What a great POP of orange for Fall! Awesome pick #GlitterGuide! (entered!)

  • Adrienne B

    Entered! Hope I win!

  • Ashley Ann

    I entered! I love this coin purse, it is perfect for the essentials in a small bag or for grab and go! The color is to die!

  • Jan Jacquart

    I entered to win the TB coin case!!!

  • Michelle Magee

    I entered the contest. Love Tory Burch and LOVE the colour of the coin purse!!

  • Chelsie Baugh

    I entered! Beautiful color!

  • Camille

    Ok – I entered. It’s such a cute little coin purse. Fingers crossed.

  • Vasiliki Spyropoulou

    Entered!!!thanks #GlitterGuide!!!

  • Laura Miller

    Entered! What a fun giveaway :)

  • Kaitlyn

    I entered! So excited! And Keep sounds pretty cool!

  • Neely Guthrie

    I entered, love love!! Thanks #GlitterGuide

  • Lily

    Just entered! So cute!! Keep looks great for Christmas gifts!

  • lynne

    Thanks #GlitterGuide for the opportunity to own an iconic TB wallet! “Love” TB! “Love” GliiterGuide! Keep is cool! x

  • Bridget

    Entered! Thanks lovely #glitterguide. xo

  • Courtney Weatherby

    i kept it :) thanks #glitterguide

  • Evelyn

    Just entered! Love Keep!

  • m.k.


  • Tiffany

    Love this coin purse (and #glitterguide)= entered!

  • BrynCollection


  • Shannon Anderson

    Love it and can’t wait to explore more on Keep!

  • Christine

    Entered!! It would make an excellent belated 30th birthday present!! (Even better if I win it 😉

  • thingsicovet


  • Pam Morris

    I entered!

  • Alexandra Marous


  • Jaclyn

    Thanks #GlitterGuide! Love the color – wouldn’t get lost in my purse :-)

  • Anne

    I entered

  • Alex

    I entered =)

  • dana

    ENTERED !!! and it’s beautiful

  • Nikki Berezay

    I’ve been meaning to look around so thanks for the reminder! Hope I win, what a darling color!

  • Julie


  • Nicole

    Entered :-)

  • Lisa Peterson

    I entered and added this glizty little pouch to my Autumn Keeps. How perfect!

  • Amy Grace Morgan

    Entered 😉

  • Linda


  • Melanie

    I entered- so fun to be introduced to Keep! Thanks for this amazing giveaway- this coin purse would be the bright spot in any of my days!



    Keep: Particularly Practically Pretty

  • Dan

    Thank you! I entered.

  • Hayley Wulster

    “kept” in my Please and Thank You collection! Perfect classic to add to my glitter girl collection!

  • kbella10

    Entered :)

  • Kaylin

    Entered for this lovely little coin purse!

  • Samantha Solis

    Just entered and had not heard of Keep. Thanks for the introduction, GG! :)

  • Amanda

    Entered!! Keep Name: amandanicole
    Under my “Designer Dreams” Collection

  • Nali P.


  • Ashley Anne Jorn

    “kept” in my yes, please! collection … such a cute coin purse & it’s one of my favorite colors, even better :)

  • Tori McCaffrey

    Enetered! tori_mccaffrey <3

  • Leah

    hello! i just entered….
    accessories #GlitterGuide
    “keep” is a great site!

  • Majda Mehanovic


    I’m so excited; I just entered!

    My Keep name is: majdamehanovic .

    Thank you so much for this opportunity, I’m excited to be able to use Keep more, as well! Happy Autumn to all!

  • Courtney O’Callaghan

    Hi Glitter Guide! Just signed up on Keep as CourtneyOCallaghan and entered the contest (with #GitterGuide). Thanks for the opportunity and for introducing readers to this interesting new social media platform!

  • Emma

    Just entered, thanks for such a great giveaway!
    My username is escornavacchi.
    Thanks, fingers crossed!

  • Kellie Wilson

    I “kept” the coin purse to my Pretty Baubles list with the #glitterguide hashtag. Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway!!

    (kelliechio) on keep
    kellierosewilson at hotmail dot com

  • Noelle

    Signed up for keep and entered to win!

  • Joanna

    Did it. And I was super happy to learn about this resource!

  • Morgan Robertson

    Signed up for Keep and entered to win! Thanks for the opportunity- I had NEVER heard of Keep before- just what I need- a place to collect swoon worthy items 😉 Hope to win!


    Morgan at Wake Up Your Wardrobe

  • Mel

    Signed up and entered! (WillisMel)

  • saranicc

    signed up and kept the amanda coin purse!

  • Guest

    signed up and kept the amanda coin purse!

  • Tracey C

    signed up and kept the coin purse

  • Mallory L

    I signed up for the Amanda coin purse! Thanks for this awesome opportunity! Malleigh

  • Emily

    Signed up and kept the coin purse! it’s SO CUTE!


  • tkor

    I entered with #GlitterGuide for the contest!

  • olivia

    I hashtagged #GlitterGuide on keep! Love the coin purse and color!!

  • Alyssa Musmanno

    i entered for the coin purse… love it!

  • jenni_ann8080

    I love KEEP ..such a fresh and new site. #GlitterGuide perfect orange. the color of Fall. perfect to catch all the coins that Fall to the bottom of my many handbags.

  • Alison Graham

    I signed up and kept the coin purse! <3 it!!

  • Sarah Kane

    I entered! Love it! My username is sbkane

  • kikilarooski

    entered for the coin purse!

  • adri.silva

    Entered for the coin purse! :) that color is perfect!

  • Meghan Sullivan

    I signed up and entered! Thanks!

  • Bethe Walczak

    I entered! The coin purse is so cute! love it.

  • Ashley mcmullin

    I entered!! My user name is ashleymcmullin on keep :)

  • beka

    Entered :)

  • Kylie

    Signed up and kept the coin purse! How adorable! Crossing my fingers I win :)

  • k8ed

    I entered! Love it

  • Erin A. Martin

    Added to MUST-HAVE’s collection on Keep. Entered! #GlitterGuide

  • Sophie

    Just signed up and kept the coin purse, just curious how you’ll be able to tell it’s me? #GlitterGuide

  • Amanda Pettit

    Entered! Thanks! :)

  • Cristiana-filipa

    I entered.
    Totally love the purse!

  • Alice Storey

    I entered! So cute!

  • Carmen Dyer

    Love that red purse, go Tory!!!!
    #Glitter Guide

  • Laura Tudor

    I entered!

  • Alice Storey

    I entered! Love Tory Burch! #GlitterGuide

  • Just Another Shopaholic

    I entered!!

  • tamaurind

    Fingers crossed! Just entered

  • Lisa

    Signed up! Really excited about the platform. Never heard of it before, but I know it will become a favorite :)

  • Louisa

    I entered! #GlitterGuide is amazing!

  • Courtney Smith

    Entered! Thank you.

  • johnsona10

    i entered!

  • Kklund

    Jut entered! Thanks for sharing! I love glitter guide!!!

  • Sophie

    I just entered!! Love GlitterGuide!!!

  • Racheal

    Entered! Thanks for sharing!

  • Amber Santucci

    I entered! & thanks, for the giveaway #GlitterGuide !!! (:

  • Andie Bou

    Just entered :)

  • Jordan Kaye Taylor

    Just entered!

  • Amy Esparza

    Just entered the giveaway. Would love to win. Need a little more Fabulous in my life. Happy Halloween everyone!

  • Vanessa

    Just entered! Wish me luck!!

  • Lindsay G

    I entered! Love the coin purse! Thanks Glitter Guide!

  • Megan

    I entered to win the Tory Burch coin purse!

  • Becca Elinger

    Just entered!! Thanks :)

  • Loren

    I entered! Keep is such a great site!

  • mezcoco

    I entered! It’s so beautiful <3

  • Kiley

    Thanks! I entered!!!

  • Lauree

    I entered ! So cute! Thanks! Pick me 😉

  • katie teixeira

    Completed the task!

  • Hannah Martindale

    I did it!!! Love the color #GlitterGuide thanks for the oppritunity!

  • Phares Causey

    I did it! Love it!

  • Elizabeth Purinai Milne

    I entered! Thanks :)

  • Katherine O’Connor

    I entered :)

  • Emma Brennan

    I entered!

  • Katie

    entered and love keep! (but what makes it different than pinterest exactly?) xo

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