The Truth About Curls

For the past few months we’ve been sharing our curl confessions with you. We’ve talked about our desire for big, voluminous curls and our struggles to achieve them. If you have crazy curls, we understand that you may not always appreciate them, but it’s time to flaunt those curls with pride! Check out Glitter Girl Beth Jones’ curl confession to learn how she rocks her curls!

Now it’s your turn! Upload your curl confession to Paul Mitchell’s Facebook app  or on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #curlconfession to express your passion, and new commitment, to your curls! You’ll get the chance to have your picture live-streamed onto the hippest locales in LA and NYC!  Post your confession before 11:59 EST on 11/14/12. Plus, if you submit a curl confession, you’re automatically in the running to win one of Paul Mitchell’s weekly giveaways of the entire curl product line!

This post was brought to you by Paul Mitchell. 

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  • How in the world was this a “curl confession?” She didn’t tell us anything about how she gets her curls. I basically just watched an ad for product that had no valuable information at all. Get it together, Glitter Guide.

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