Get The Look: Easy Thanksgiving Updo

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Get The Look: Easy Thanksgiving Updo

Thanksgiving is today, and between cooking the big meal, running to the store for last-minute ingredients, and pouring wine for guests, we can often overlook our outfits! If you have this same issue, don’t fret: we have a solution! Wear your comfiest dress or a favorite pair of jeans, and put the focus on a festive hair style instead. This simple look—a pair of french braids and messy bun—is a cinch to pull off but is sure to take your everyday look up a notch. Feeling extra festive? Add a sparkly barrette or headband! Read on for the easy how-to (and a list of great styling products to try!).


Start by adding a volumizing spray to your roots before blow-drying. (If you’re working with unwashed hair, sprinkle dry shampoo on your roots.) Part your hair in the middle or to the side, but leave out the front section of your hair on both sides. Pull the remaining hair into a ponytail. French braid these two front sections and secure them with a small elastic band. (If you don’t know how to French braid, check out this easy tutorial here!)

Smooth a very small amount of shine serum through your hair using your fingers, and then gather all of your hair in a low ponytail at the base of your neck. Twist and pin pieces of your hair around the base of your pony to create a messy bun. Securely bobby pin the ends of your braid tightly into your bun.

Finish the look with the dazzling accessory of your choice and a generous spritz of hairspray to keep the look fresh all day (and evening!) long.

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    Already tried this amazing look!!! Thank you so much!!!

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