Makeup Tips For Gals With Glasses

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Makeup For Gals With Glasses

These days, eye wear is one of the coolest fashion accessories out there. Glasses are no longer a frumpy accessory of the past! “Geek chic” is in, and we love seeing gals embracing their glasses. Whether you’re a daily user or just can’t be bothered to put in your contact lenses for the day (or week!), there are a few fundamentals to getting your eyes to pop under those stylish specs.

Written By Erin Gerlach of The Sparkle

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  • Definition Is In: Defining the eyes is a necessary technique since glasses can make the eyes appear smaller. Add some smudged liner to the top lashline, and keep your brows groomed for a perfectly polished look. (image)

  • Get Lippy: Skipping shadows in favor of concealer and a few coats of mascara—combined with a pretty,
    punchy pout—is a chic, ultra modern look that can do no wrong! (image)

  • Stay Warm: Grey-toned shadows can mirror any shadows created by your specs, leaving you looking tired and dull. Avoid the cooler colors, keeping any shadows warm and fresh for the most beautiful impact. (image)

  • Do Your Own Thing: Experiment with your makeup. Wearing glasses doesn’t exclude you from trying out a
    cat-eye or any other dramatic styles. Who knows—you may even end up with your very own iconic look! (image)

  • Keep It Bright: Since frames often cast shadows around the eye area, keep it bright by adding a warm, light shadow to the lid and inner corner of the eyes. This will help to reflect light and keep you looking crisp under your lenses!

  • Ashley

    Thanks for posting this! I wear glasses because I’m almost blind, so its nice to know i can still be fab behind my frames too!!

  • Camille Simmons

    This is perfect! I always feel like my eyes are fading away when I wear glasses!

  • LoBroo

    great information……..would love to know the names of the frames!!!!

  • Provocative Granny

    Love the ideas! Might wear contacts less now :)

    check out this vintage jewelry giveaway if you get the chance!

  • Madlyn

    Love the cat-frame look. I’m investing in a new pair this Christmas that look exactly like the pair the gal with the black cat-eye frames is wearing, and I’m so excited. I’ve had my glasses since my junior year of high school. Trust Coach frames – brown rim on top and nothing on the bottom, but it’s five years later and I think it’s time for a change. I love my glasses – wear them everywhere by necessity and choice. They’ve become a part of my look, and they’re also really nice to hide behind when you’re having a bad face/hair/makeup/whatever day.

  • All Things Adorable

    Most people wear their glasses on lazy days

  • Spritely

    Pic #4 is Keiko Lynn. She is a big fan of Bon Look eyewear. This pair is the Honey Badger:

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  • Chandni Chanu

    thank u so much for the tips..

  • Chandni Chanu

    i wud like to have some more informaation abt it. actually i have big eyes and wear glasses to.. so cn pls help me and give me some tips for how to show my eyes smaller and look good… pls pls

  • Abiga

    Who says wearing glasses makes you look like a geek?

    Designer glasses really bring functionality and design together.

    And, yeah, thanks for sharing these tips as well.

  • ee_by_cc

    I finally upgraded to a pair of glasses that I can wear out of the house and feel stylish, so this post is pretty crucial for me right now. The pop of red on the lip has been my go-to!

    • Glitter Guide

      So glad you like it! Thanks for reading!

  • A

    Nice tips! They are really helpful. I also wrote a similar post about a few easy tips for makeup with glasses, check it out here

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