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Desiree Spinner Office by Trent Bailey Photography

Childhood is a time of wonder, excitement and imagination. Desiree Spinner’s blog La Petite Peach is dedicated to the playful period of childhood and to infusing some European flair into kids’ lives. The site offers style and lifestyle advice for parents who want to add that special je ne sais quoi to their kids’ fashion by introducing new and innovative products that keep the smiles and giggles coming. The blog features adorable designs —plus the office is just as darling as the site itself. The bright and open design keeps inspiration flowing for Desiree, almost as much as spending time with her son does!

Photography: Trent Bailey 


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  • First, tell us a little about your business.
    I went from event design/planning into a full time blogger for La Petite Peach and the transition was seamless. Photography in the wedding industry is essential for your portfolio, and the same goes for the blogging world, photography is SO important. It really prepped me to stick to my guns when it comes to what images I will show on the site. La Petite Peach is a lifestyle publication for all things kids, including design, fashion, food and travel. The site is tailored to a quality vs. quantity approach and has a European flair.

  • Why did you start the blog? 
    I started the blog in 2010 after discovering that I could not find a resource for the European quality clothing, books, toys, etc that I was yearning for, for my son. I lived in Italy with my little one when he was just 1 years old, and the experience I had there, along with my background in writing, haunted me when I returned to the US. I needed to start the site for me and my family as a personal record of those experiences and findings. Although it started as a personal blog, it quickly grew into something more and this fall we launched a more user-friendly site.

    “My desk! That little pillow has a map of Nantucket I found it at the hardware store on island! All those books lined up make me smile, there is everything from Parisian Chic to The Elements of Style.”

  • Describe what it’s like day to day.
    Each week we start with a Monday morning meeting. We talk about what is going to be fun this month editorially as well as any new findings and how we want to design them to fit the aesthetic of the site. We also use this time to catch up on how the site is doing, and what is the most popular with our readers. I spend a lot of time on the phone with fashion houses and PR firms for various product lines to see if they are a fit for the site, and really thinking about if our readers will like them. We also drink a lot of Starbucks coffee that helps us get through late nights designing each post!

  • What are the top 5 skills someone needs to be successful in the baby/child blog industry?
    1. Some knowledge of graphic design and how a magazine runs. I run the site editorially so we have to be creative with how we talk about things we are interested in and how we find layouts that make the most sense.
    2.  A love for all things fashion! We talk a lot about the fashion industry in the adult world, and how we can apply it to all things kids, moms and parents. You need to love kids’ fashion especially. We are trying to set trends alongside the designers, so we need to able to talk about and present this information to the readers
    3. Being “Techie” — We love technology and we need to think about it on a broad scale and how we can use it to make the readers’ experience one that will keep them coming back to the site as a resource.
    4. Research — You need to love research! We do it all day long, about fashion, about moms and dads, travel, food and making connections with other bloggers and networking events in our industry. We are always comparing notes about what is up and coming not only in the fashion world but also the blogging community.
    5. This might be a bit expected, but being a team player is so important. We all need to work together to produce the best posts we can that are innovative and accurate!

    “Our Monday meeting table! We also will meet with clients or guests here. I love this spot, it’s the center of the office, we call it the round table, many ideas have arose here. The slip covers for the chairs are my favorite, I had them made for that table, I love mixing vintage and really tailored preppy decor.”

  • “Anna Bond from Riffle Paper Co. made this map custom for us, it has all my favorite Cape and Islands locals. If you look closely you can see a blueish dot where our office is!”

  • How can someone get started in the blogging industry? 
    I would recommend to anyone who wants to become a full time blogger or writer, to start a personal blog and commit to it. Post every day and use social media to your advantage, make connections and participate in as many workshops as you can. I would suggest doing it for a year, but really doing it, while maintaining a full time job. See where it takes you! There is no time like the present, and I know I wish I had started La Petite Peach sooner! Also…research, research, research! What are you good at? What will your niche be and how will your potential readers connect to it? Also, the most unpopular thing you must do (and the most un-fun) is figure out how you will generate an income for your time and efforts. This is something no one wants to think about, but if you want to write full time it is something you need to have a specific plan for.

  • Okay, let’s talk about this space. What was your inspiration for the design?
    The inspiration for this office was to have a bright and aesthetically pleasing place to work, but also to have functionality. Storage and work stations were the most important things. We need lots of desk space for working and creating since we can have up to 8 people at a time working in the office, but we also needed ample space for all of our shipping and promo needs. Everything needed to be accessible but we also needed to be able to meet designers or clients here. Functional and pretty was the goal!

    “One of our many pinboards we have at the office. This one is for tacking up anything and everything we see in magazines that inspires us from typography to fashion.”

  • Where did you shop for items for your studio space? 
    When you are building an office I would brain storm how the office can be functional but also a space that inspires you when you are working. I would look around Pinterest to see what spaces give me that feeling. One thing I didn’t consider was windows and outlets! I wanted the space to be super bright, especially going from an old 1970’s garage to a modern space. Windows add a ton to your budget and that was something I didn’t account for. Also, I wanted outlets everywhere so we could all work in any corner of the room. This not only added to the budget, but we also had to make them aesthetically okay to look at, which meant getting creative about their placement.

    How many people work with you in the studio?
    There are 5 employees and one is remote. We also have 3 interns at any given time.

  • What’s on the horizon for La Petite Peach? 
    La Petite Peach is currently working on a shop which will feature a collection of a few items at a time from various designers who we have collaborated with to create items specifically for our readers. We will have some French designers and some from the US, which will be offered on the site for a limited time. I am most excited about being able to create a shop for one-of-a-kind children’s fashions from around the world accessible through the site.

    “Those West Elm shelves match the round table perfectly and the bins from the Container store keep all our loose paper and craft items looking organized. I love the Russell and Hazel binders. We have them in every color but on those shelves they are ocean blue and silver.”

  • How do you sparkle?
    I am so lucky to be a mom to such an amazing little guy, and with my new home office, I have more time to be with him, and he can also be a part of the site! He loves seeing the images of him on the screen! It’s something we can all do together as a family (my hubby helps out too). I sparkle when my little one meets someone new and asks me “what does she do?” — it lets me know that I am setting a positive example for him.

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