Ann Taylor Gift Guide For A Glitter Girl

The holiday season is upon us, which means that everywhere you look things are sparkling. Of course we love a seasonal excuse to add some glitter to our wardrobe, and this holiday collection from Ann Taylor has exactly the sort of flash that delights! We’re planning to mix and match these classic-meets-glam pieces to help us shine at holiday parties all season long.

Clockwise from top left:

Sequin Fringe Dress ($295): Glittering sequins plus Flapper-esque fringe means this party dress hits all the right style notes.

Enamel Nugget Bracelet ($48): A chunky, gold-accented bracelet looks great at any holiday party, no matter the dress code.

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Lotus Statement Necklace ($88): What’s the fastest way to dress up a casual ensemble? A glittery statement necklace, of course.

Feather Short Sleeve Top ($68): Playful feathers and short sleeves make this top a perfect match to skinny jeans or your sparkliest mini-skirt.

Shimmer Jacquard ¾ Sleep Top ($68): Shimmering silver fabric paired with a relaxed cut make this top a versatile addition to your holiday wardrobe.

Midnight Lace Cardigan ($78): A classic cardigan topped with textural lace is a stylish-yet-professional choice for office parties.

Metallic Lizard Skinny Belt ($34): A gold belt adds a healthy dose of glitter to jeans that feel a bit too plain.

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