5 Things To Try This Weekend

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Organize your desk. It’s a new year, and that means it’s time for a fresh start. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to seek out new inspiration! (image)

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  • Love these! I organized my desk this week and it was such a nice way to start 2013! The bold red lip is always a must, and who can say no to an ice cream tasting?! Such a great idea.

  • Not only did I organize my desk, because it is a white desk it has started looking “creamish” in the center where I often touch…so I painted it over and added glitter to the clear gloss coat that i decided to put over the white…so now I have a white glitter desk thats glossy and easy to wipe down an I love it!!! glitter always makes things better!

  • I desperately need to organize my desk! And thanks for including me in the round-up… such a fun surprise. ;) xx

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