Style At Home: Bradley Agather Of Luella & June

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Style at Home: Bradley Agather of Luella & June | Photography by Kelsey Foster

Fashion blog Luella & June is known for featuring style picks that will have you wanting to whip out your wallet, so we had high expectations when we took a peek into founder Bradley Agather’s Dallas home. Not surprisingly, Bradley exceeded our expectations with a space that is a stunningly perfect blend of feminine style and a clean, modern sensibility. The Texas blogger’s home is brimming with the same fabulous inspiration and style that you’ll find on Luella & June — a look that is charming, playful and undeniably chic. We adore Bradley’s enormous collection of fashion magazines and books, and the fact that her incredible instinct for styling a space makes her overwhelming collection seem anything but cluttered. Clearly, Bradley is the sort of girl we’d all love to have help us choose our outfits and our new bedding set!

Photography: Kelsey Foster 

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  • We love your blog, Luella & June, tell us a little bit about how you got started blogging and how it’s evolved.
    Luella & June began as simply a creative outlet. I think there were maybe a grand total of three readers (my mom being one of them) for quite awhile. I continued to post and eventually the readers came. It’s a place where I share anything and everything that I love: interiors, food, fashion, and peeks into my own life. While the blog remains a creative outlet, it has evolved into a part-time job for me. It’s the best part of my day.

  • Your home is white and peaceful yet has a playful feel from all the colors you incorporated. Do you have any tips on how you got this look?
    I approach decorating the same way I get dressed in the morning — start with your basics and add in color and whimsy in small touches or with accessories. It’s funny. I’m such a color girl. I love neon pink, bright blue and orange! But at the same time, the majority of my closet is black, white and gray. I think the same goes for my home. I started with a gray couch and added in colorful pillows, a white table and bright pink chairs.

  • How has your blog influenced the style of your home?
    I think it’s a reciprocal relationship – the blog influences my interior style, and my interior style influences the blog. Both spaces really represent my style, and both are ever-changing.

  • Where are some of your favorite places to shop for interiors?
    Dallas has some of the most amazing home design shops! I love going down to the Design District and checking out the antiques at Again & Again, Scout, and White Elephant. I also love Stella Dallas and Grange Hall for accessories. I do a lot of online shopping as well. Furbish Studio is amazing; and I love the new Biscuit Home store.

  • How long did it take you to decorate your place?
    I’m still not finished! As my eye continues to change and my style evolves, so does my home. It took me about a year to get to where it is today, but I never plan on being finished. I’m always open to change. (And you know what? I’m about to have to start all over again with a new place. I’m getting married in May and something tells me I may have to tone down the pink with the husband. It’s an exciting new challenge.)

  • “You can no longer see the surface of my coffee table. It’s covered in my ever-growing collection of books. I try to switch them out every few weeks with different ones. I love lounging on the couch on Sundays and flipping through the glossy pages. It’s great inspiration for me.”

    Coffee table: Again & Again // Glass pears: Forty Five Ten

  • What are your 5 Tips for decorating?
    1. Take your time. I think sometimes people feel the need to get it all done in one shopping trip. It’s okay if you have an empty room with no furniture for a few months, or a fabulous dining room table with no chairs yet. Wait until you find the right thing.
    2. Resolve to only buy things you absolutely love. When I look around my apartment, I see things that I genuinely love. If you always buy things you love, you’ll never have that guilty shopper’s conscience that often comes with impulse purchases.
    3. Start a collection and then decorate with it. My love for coffee table books has turned into a full-on collection, and the books make for great decor.
    4. Surround yourself with your favorite things. Everything, from the stacks of books on my coffee table to the polka dot vase on my table, in this apartment is a favorite of mine. If you surround yourself with your favorites, it makes for a very happy home.
    5. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. It’s amazing what mixing different colors and textures can do for a room. If you need a little inspiration, just take a look at Furbish Stuidio. Jamie Meares is the queen of the mix.

  • “This is what I’m looking at when I sit down at my desk. I fill my bulletin board with inspiration and it changes constantly. I love that little golden pig. I feel like we see him everywhere these days, but I couldn’t resist having one of my own.”

  • “In my Comme des Garçons striped tee, Vanessa Bruno pants, and Manolo Blahnik pumps. This t-shirt is probably the most worn item in my closet.”

  • “I am a huge candle person. You can see from the photos that Diptyque is my favorite – especially the Baies scent. That small photo is a snapshot from my birthday party a few years ago. It was such a fun party, and I loved the flowers. It’s a great memory.”

  • “I’m wearing my Zara polka dot blazer, Sandro leather pants, and Kain black tee. Besides my office, this is where I spend the majority of my time. It’s not a very big table, but it’s the perfect size when you live alone. “

    Table: Ikea // Chairs: Again& Again // Vase: Waylande Gregory // Prada Marfa Photographs: Gray Malin

  • How do you sparkle?
    With my family and friends. They make me laugh, smile, and enjoy life. They bring out the absolute best in me.

  • Leanne

    Love this Style at Home feature!! I follow Bradley’s blog and it’s so fun to see her home. It’s absolutely beautiful!!

  • Kait | Keeping Change

    These Style at Home posts are my favorites at Glitter Guide – thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to see who is next!

    • lcj1313

      Actually it’s available on the Barney’s site in pink–not the Smythson site.

  • Rebecca Smith

    Any idea where the pink WEDDING PLANNER journal is from? Love it!

  • lcj1313

    The pink wedding planner is by Smythson. I believe you can get it on their website.

  • Elizabeth // The Now

    Love Bradley, so happy to get a tour of her home. It’s girly but not overwhelming! And very organized :) xoxo

  • Mimosa Lane

    loved seeing her home! beautiful! It is nice to get a bit more of insight into her life :)

  • Fashion and a Fellow

    Love her and her blog AND her apt! It’s nice to see a piece of her every day life. Super cute! Rebekah

  • TheFashioniStyle

    Love her style!

  • Francie

    Can anyone tell me where that desk came from or the shelf? Both are adorable!

  • Jane Lee

    I liked her decorating tip–start with basic pieces and add in pops of color through accessories. It also makes it easier to change things around from time-to-time. Thanks for sharing!


  • Alexandra

    I love this!! All of her color is fabulous. It’s so much fun to see behind the scenes at how fashionable people live.

  • lauren

    her home is gorgeous!!!
    Love her.


    cool to see my paintings from Cocoa & Hearts in Bradley’s room! I still remember making those :)

    • Kelsey McPherson

      How often do you have new paintings for sale? I’d love one for our living room!

  • Vanessa

    What color are her walls painted? I want to find a nice shade of grey.

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  • Elizabeth Kenna

    I love this! You have an amazing home & style. I am hunting for coffee table books, any recommendations?

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  • Alicja

    I absolutely love her sense of style, thanks for sharing an inside of her home.

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  • Republik Hijab

    Love it! your look and decorations! perfect.

    Inspirasi Hijab Fashion Indonesia

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