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Ariel Gordon’s home and office are a testament to her easygoing sensibilities and extremely chic tendencies. We’ve long been fans of Ariel’s gorgeous jewelry line and her interiors live up to the promise her line has created. The innovative use of colors and unexpected details that abound in her spaces keep the pieces used in both her house and office at the top of our home decor wish lists.

Photography: Jessie Webster
Hair: Gracie Nicole
Makeup: Tonya Brewer for Dew Beauty Agency
Styling: Ariel Gordon

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  • Tell us about Ariel Gordon Jewelry. What inspired you to start your own jewelry line?
    I launched my collection in 2009 as an escape from the hectic pace of the PR world. During my PR days, I worked on an event with a jewelry designer named Page Sargisson. Meeting Page was a revelation for me. I was so inspired by the life she had created for herself. She owned her own company. She was the one who benefitted financially from all her hard work. She was doing something creative. She had time to be with her kids. I knew those were all things that I wanted in my own life.

    “Over the years I have gathered a small collection of Fornasetti’s iconic Tema e Variazion plates. In college before I could afford any, I printed pictures of them and used them to decoupage my bedroom door. I guess I’ve always loved how whimsical and graphic they are. Sweater – Madewell, Jeans – Page Denim, Shoes – Marais, Watch – uniform wares, All jewelry – Ariel Gordon Jewelry.”

  • How did you go from a Hollywood Publicist to a jewelry designer.
    Meeting Page was step one. Learning how to technically make jewelry was step two. Learning how to actually run a business was the (hardest but most important) third step. I did this by working closely for a few years with Maya Brenner, another amazing woman and jeweler, before launching AGJ.

  • Let’s talk about your home. It’s so eclectic and fun. How did you decide on its style?
    Alex and I have lived in this tiny Santa Monica apartment for about 6 years. I wouldn’t say that we ‘settled on a style’ so much as we just surround ourselves with things that we love, like flea market finds, souvenirs from our travels, oversized art, fun DIY projects (like our Sweet Thing neon sign… in honor of the Van Morrison song that accompanied me while I walked down the aisle at our wedding).


  • You have a lot of colorful pops in your home. How do you incorporate bold colors? Any tips?
    As much as I aspire to have a minimalist, neutral aesthetic I know it isn’t me and it’s never going to happen. So I embrace that and surround myself with color. Lots of it. Usually bright and vibrant. I try to balance it with neutrals (white linens, sisal rugs, etc.) so it doesn’t look too much like a circus.

  • What is one piece you think all people should splurge on in their home?
    If you can’t find what you’re looking for, have it custom made. One of my closest friends, Krista Ewart, is an interior designer and she always tells me “buy what you love.” For me, I had this idea of a huge tufted pink ottoman in this gorgeous raspberry Cowtan & Towt fabric that she used on a few chairs in her house. I hunted high and low for a less expensive version but I couldn’t find anything. The piece was definitely a splurge but I’m so happy I went for it because now it’s my favorite piece of furniture.

    “I heart this custom ottoman that my friend Krista helped me make. My husband was very skeptical when I told him I was going to make a giant 4ft square raspberry pink ottoman. But once he saw it, he was a fan too. Pink: 1 Husband: 0. Jacket – Madewell, Jeans – Page Denim, Shoes – Christian Louboutin, All jewelry – Ariel Gordon Jewelry.”

  • What’s your favorite room in your house?
    Apartment living is tough because you’re so limited with what you can do. We recently spruced up our dining room and I think it turned out great. It used to have a big buffet, more chairs, and mint green walls. Replacing the buffet with the vintage chrome and glass étagère made the room feel much more spacious. I also love that we painted the walls above the wainscoting this deep moody blue color.

    “In the background you can catch a peek at my DIY pom pom curtains. Ikea drapes + pom pom trim from JoAnne’s + glue gun = upgrade!”


  • “One of my favorite breakfasts – fresh fruit, granola, yogurt, and a few bottles of juice from my good friends at Pressed Juicery. Table – Ikea, Chairs – Philippe Starck for Kartell (scored from my local Salvation Army), Paint – Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore, Plates – Mud Australia, Lights – Nesso, Modernica.”

  • You moved from LA to SF to go to Revere Academy to study jewelry design. What was that experience like?
    When I decided to pursue jewelry design professionally, I moved to San Francisco to learn the craft of metalsmithing and stone setting at the Revere Academy. It was a 3 month intensive program for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. It was amazing to be surrounded by all these creative and talented people. Some of the projects they had us do were insane (like making a hinge from scratch) but I am so proud to have completed the training. Even though I don’t get to sit at my bench much these days, having the technical knowledge of how things are made is immeasurably helpful.

  • Describe your typical workday or week.
    Wake up around 7 am. I go take a CrossFit class at 7:30 twice a week. Answer emails while waiting out traffic. Drive downtown around 10:30 am. Work in the studio until around 6 pm. Head home. Cook dinner with my husband Alex. Go for a walk down to the Santa Monica bluffs. Hop in bed and watch something on Netflix or read a book. Sleep by 11 pm. Wash and repeat.

     “I am addicted to having yummy candles everywhere. Some of my favorites are Diptyque – Baies, Le Feu De L’Eau – Bleu Nuit, Astier de Villatte – Mantes La Jolie, Coqui Coqui – Orange Blossom. Étagère – vintage, “Sweet Thing.” The neon sign is DIY.”

  • How do you find balance while juggling the demands of your own business?
    It’s really hard. I struggle daily with finding a balance between running my own company and my personal life.

    People always think being a jewelry designer must be so creative. I’m here to tell you that 90% of what I do on a daily basis is running a small business (customer service, accounting, marketing, sourcing materials, PR, website maintenance, product photography, graphic design, order fulfillment, etc.). Juggling all the different tasks can be daunting. Some days it’s hard to know where to being. That’s why I’m a ‘to-do list’ addict, I’ve got them floating around me at all times. When I feel overwhelmed I just start at the top of the list and work my way down, item by item.

  • “I scored this 7ft woven wall hanging at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I love that it has little bells on it. It helps make this my favorite little corner to curl up with a good book or The New Yorker.”

  • “Our little shoebox bedroom. Living in California, I’m always too afraid to hang any art over the bed (lest it fall on our heads while we sleep during an earthquake. Nervous Nellie much?). Instead, I tape up little pictures that I like with Japanese washi tape instead. They’re easy to swap out and they make me smile. Linens – West Elm, Zebra Pillows – Dwell Studio, Spotted pillow – Furbish Studio, Moroccan Wedding Blanket – vintage, Headboard – Target, Pink desk – vintage, Sconces – Ikea.”

  • Tell us about your downtown LA office. How long have you been there?
    My first office was in my living room!  I’ve expanded a bit since then and now my office is in the heart of LA’s jewelry district. I’m really proud that I can make all of my jewelry locally and support the jewelry industry here. I share the space with Maya Brenner (my mentor and friend).

    “Sitting at this desk is where you can find me most days. In the foreground is a display of the AGJ collection in the studio.” 

  • What were your must-haves when picking an office space?
    Good natural light and enough space to handle all the storage and order fulfillment.

    What was the office design process like?
    Maya and I wanted a space that was bright and inviting, feminine and modern. My friend Krista lent her magic touch to help with the floor plan and picking out a few key elements.

    “A peek at some of the press mentions for Ariel Gordon Jewelry. My dad found the giant AG letters at a thrift store in San Diego. They are almost the exact same font and color as my logo. He was so excited when he scored them.”


  • Any words of advice for women looking to open their own office space?
    Find someone who has a business model similar to what you aspire to and work for them first. There is a learning curve to things and you might as well get paid while you learn that curve. When I decided I wanted to pursue jewelry as a career it was a really scary moment in my life. I didn’t know anything about how to start a retail business. All I knew was that I felt a sense of satisfaction making something tangible and seeing people wear it. I wanted the freedom of being my own boss and I wanted to be the one to reap the benefits of all my hard work. I worked for Maya Brenner for over 5 years (I launched Ariel Gordon Jewelry the last 2 of those 5) running almost every aspect of her company. It was the best learning experience I could have asked for. Maya taught me so much and I’m so lucky that we found each other!

    “One of the things Maya and I knew we wanted when we set up the studio was a pop of amazing wallpaper. This ‘Osborne and Little’ baby does the job. Shirt – H&M, Pants – Zara, Shoes – Christian Louboutin, All jewelry – Ariel Gordon Jewelry, Couch – West Elm, Wallpaper – Osborne and Little ‘Lorca’.”

  • How do you sparkle?
    Ariel Gordon Jewelry of course!! Specifically I have a few pieces that I never take off –  my wedding band +  engagement ring (I designed them myself), my Close to My Heart Necklace (I made these as bridesmaids’ presents for my wedding), my diamond droplet bracelet (one of my favorite pieces from my most recent collection), and my pave Love Knot ring (always on my pinky) stacked with a rose gold mini pave diamond ring.

    “In front of my bulletin board that’s full of pictures from my lookbook (that stars Samantha from ‘Could I Have That?’), pictures that inspire me, drawing from my friends’ kids, and notes from magazine editors. Shirt – Tucker by Gaby Basora, Skirt – Madewell, All jewelry – Ariel Gordon Jewelry.”

  • samantha

    I love Ariel’s jewelry! And her style is impeccable!

  • les yeux

    serious coveting the raspberry ottoman. it’s brillant!

  • Sarah

    Great space! Would love to find out more about the DIY neon sign and how that was created.

  • jaimi *fiore beauty*

    Awesome feature, love every little detail! The well chosen pink, the patterns, and the placement of all the books! Perfection. Also, “Pink:1, Husband: 0″ = Truth. Ha! Thanks ladies!

  • jordan

    where are these curtains from??

  • Brianna

    Does anyone know where the diamond print in the last photo is from?

  • mary

    where is that couch from? been looking for one similar

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