Organizational DIY To Try

Written by on January 22, 2013 in DIY, Lifestyle - 16 Comments
Organizational DIY To Try

We’ve all seen it. Gorgeous photos and pins of professionally organized homes, complete with soaring white built-ins, gold and Lucite desktop organizers and walk in closets of our dreams. But what if a remote controlled revolving shoe display is out of reach? Is 2013 destined to be yet another year for organizational regret? To get you sorting in the right direction, we’ve gathered our five favorite DIY-able ideas that will keep your organizing on track and on budget.

Written By Carrie Waller of Dream Green DIY.

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  • A geometric white unit like this one offers tons of storage in an eye-catching way. Try recreating the filing system with inexpensive photo boxes from the craft store. You’ll be corralling paperwork overflow in no time! (image)

  • Stylish and carefully planned color is a given inside our homes, so why not utilize the same principle when it comes to scheduling? Get started by color-coding your “to-do’s” using strips of patterned washi tape. (image)

  • Instead of letting scarves take up precious drawer space, loop them over an inexpensive towel bar hung inside your closet. It’s a quick and wrinkle-free storage solution that takes only ten minutes to check off your list. (image)

  • If you’re anything like us, your bag collection may have gotten a tad out of control in 2012…Make 2013 the year to get it all organized by transforming a bookshelf into a stylish place to hang and display your collection. (image)

  • Jewelry is one of those things that can add up quickly. Contain your chains with a DIY necklace organizer made from a metal vent cover and vintage frame. For smaller pieces, try repurposing a cookie stand as display-worthy storage. (image)

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