Girl About Town: Baked & Wired Bakery In Washington, DC

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Girl About Town: Baked & Wired In Washington,DC

This past weekend we had one of our favorite DC bloggers Nikki Rappaport from Cupcakes For Breakfast take us on a tour of her favorite local cupcake shop, Baked & Wired. We love following Nikki’s foodie adventures in our Nation’s Capital and who better to talk cupcakes with than the expert herself!

Baked & Wired
1052 Thomas Jefferson Street NW
Washington, DC 20007

Photography By Sarah Gerrity

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  • “Probably the most frequent question I get asked when I mention the name of my blog is ‘what’s your favorite cupcake shop in DC?’ Hands down, my favorite cupcakes come from Baked and Wired, a small bakery and coffee shop in Georgetown,” says Nikki.

  • “My favorite cupcake in the city is their strawberry cupcake. It has real strawberries baked into the cake and it’s just divine.”

  • “In addition to their cupcakes — they sell about 20 different flavors every day — Baked and Wired has delicious coffee and other great baked goods including cookies, bars, quick breads and quiches.”

  • “What I love most about Baked and Wired is that they’re no frills. They do what they do so well. Excellent coffee, sweets, and service. There are a few different lounge spaces and work stations, but it’s not done up in over-the-top cutesy colors. They play good music and display artwork from local artists and their customers. It’s cozy, fun and welcoming, and the simple backdrop allows for their products to stand out.”

  • meghann

    love this feature on baked and wired!! this is my cousin’s bakery, and though i’ve never visited, i know you must try teresa’s pies! most people don’t flock to bakeries these days in search of pie, but hers are amazing and use old family recipes. when i visit d.c. this will be one of my first stops!

  • Kerry

    This is by far my favorite cupcake shop in DC. I always look at the line outside of Georgetown Cupcake and can’t help but laugh a little knowing the best cupcakes in the city are just down the street!

  • andrea nicole

    absolutely agree with kerry! this is the best place for cupcakes in dc. there’s no comparison! cute feature. : )

  • Guest

    love love baked and wired!

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  • Sarah

    Agreed! I LOVE Baked and Wired, it’s way better than Georgetown Cupcake, and their coffee is also amazingly delicious!

  • SentimentalistLisa

    This place is hands down my favorite cupcake place in the DC area!! I frequent here as often as my waistline allows. My favorite is when it is warm out bc I’d buy a cupcake and then devour it while sitting my the canal. Yum!
    If you go again, you have to try their Hippie Crack. Trust me!

  • Shay Lianna

    God, I LOVE Baked & Wired. Every time someone I know visits DC and *has* to go to Georgetown Cupcakes, I try to steer them here instead. There’s really no comparison, but people always want to go to the one in the tv show :(

  • jd

    she was just featured on the everygirl- i want to see some ORGINAL content- please!

  • marija

    all is wonderful and beautiful as always on glitterguide BUT the pictures with an iphone and macbook is sooooo pretentious, passé, so few years ago, so innatural and so teenager-like, so eastern-europe style…that it made me sad

  • Sophie in the Kitchen

    Baked & Wired is my favorite DC cupcakery!

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  • jaimi *fiore beauty*

    Yay! I love Baked & Wired! On our last visit to DC I was soooo overwhelmed with all the amazing choices so I really appreciate Nikki’s recommendation, the strawberry cupcake it is (and then a few more, of course)!

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