Our Favorite Cozy Comfort Foods

[tps_header]The most difficult part of winter is certainly this post-holiday season—it’s all of the chill, but none of the warmth that accompanies holiday festivities. While the cold may get us down on our daily commute (or even just grabbing the morning paper), it’s the perfect excuse to get completely cozy indoors! Hot, nourishing, and guaranteed to make your home smell a little bit like heaven, here are our favorite comfort foods for winter.

Written By Natalie Lynn Borton Of Thoughts By Natalie
A perfect way to kick off a cold winter morning, this cinnamon banana oatmeal is sure to warm you from the inside out. (recipe)

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Author: Natalie Borton

Natalie is a San Diego-based jewelry designer and blogger who covers style, motherhood, wellness and life. Find her on Instagram at @natalieborton!

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