Staying Organized With Stylebook App

Our Editorial Director, Caitlin recently embarked on a “no shopping” challenge to kick off 2013. She wanted to challenge herself to shop her own closet more and save her money for investment pieces she really needed and wanted. It seemed like a daunting challenge for someone who loves to make impulse purchases and keep up with the current trends, but when she realized she already owned a ton of clothes she rarely wore, coming up with creative outfits became fun.

To keep herself organized, she tried out the Stylebook App. Stylebook allows you to upload pictures of your clothes, create and save outfits and add your looks to your calendar. This is ideal for someone trying to make the most of their wardrobe!

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Caitlin’s challenge aligned with her trip to New York Fashion Week- so she used Stylebook to plan her looks for the trip, adding them to her calendar and then allowing the app to generate a list for easy packing. How perfect!

This post is sponsored by Stylebook App.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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