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Amelia Eicholz grew up knowing that her interests aligned perfectly with the art world. Her artistic sensibilities and appreciation for a wide variety of artistic styles led her to try out a variety of different jobs within the creative realm. From fashion to jewelry to design, Amelia has tried it all. Her current job, owning her own art consulting company, Colour Bloc, allows her the chance to spread her artistic wings and help others do the same. Amelia helps her clients design homes full of the perfect artwork. With such an artistic and design minded life, it’s no wonder Amelia’s home is one to envy. The use of color, statement art pieces and masterful room arrangements are totally enviable.

Photography: Casey Harrison of Hello Love Photo
Makeup:Dani Wagener Beauty
Interior Styling: ACQUIRE, Inc. 

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  • Can you tell us about being an art consultant and how you got interested in the field?
    I have been interested in the art industry for as long as I can remember, but after earning a B.F.A, in studio art and art history, my passion shifted from creating my own work to connecting others with exciting, talented artists that are emerging today. Assisting artists with getting their work out to the public, combined with a desire to select artwork for clients in need, seemed like an obvious career path for me. I love being able to blend my appreciation for beautiful interior design and my strong passion for art. I enjoy helping clients identify work that is a representation of their taste for their first apartment, new home, restaurant, or even office space.

  • Do you have any tips for women looking to break into the world of art consulting?
    It is best to intern for a variety of creative industries before choosing which avenue to further explore. I have worked with a well-known jewelry designer, a fashion showroom in Manhattan, the Boston design team at Anthropologie, an installation artist and a contemporary art gallery. After these experiences, I found myself really intrigued by the business side of the art world. It is important to have a vision, but also be open-minded during this process and see where the adventure takes you!

  • “An easy way to effortlessly add color to your space is by color coding your books, whether they are located on a shelf or coffee table. Shouldn’t each detail of your apartment sparkle?”

  • Your home is gorgeous. How did you find your place in Boston?
    Thank you! Honestly, I completely lucked out! My boyfriend had been living in our Beacon Hill apartment for five years before I moved in about a year ago. With the removal of a Larry Bird poster (another story for another day) and adding splashes of color (and newly painted walls), it has become a really cozy place to call home!

    A close girlfriend gave me the beautiful book Pantone:The 20th Century in Color for my birthday this past year. I love having it on my coffee table as inspiration and a reminder of the fun memories we shared when she visited Boston!”

  • What is your interior decorating style?
    I think interior design style often comes from the way a woman puts her outfits together. Most of my home has classic, neutral elements that I dress up with patterned pillows and bright, contemporary artwork. I try to experiment and take thoughtful risks with interior design and fashion.

    “Putting the bar area together was such a fun project. I loved the concept of creating shelves with books and layering cocktail glasses.” 

  • “I recently became interested in collecting succulents and arranging them in little groups. Each one reminds me of a small sculpture, different in shape and texture.”

  • Naturally, your home is very colorful. How do you recommend people incorporate lots of bold colors into their home?
    We decided to incorporate color often throughout our home, which resulted in an upbeat living space. If you are feeling adventurous; choose a bold color for your walls. We went with a deep blue for our bedroom. It ended up creating a great background layer for our vibrant artwork. If you are timid towards bright color, start small! Arrange yellow tulips in your living room for a pop or add colorful layering items, like tangerine pillows or turquoise lacquer boxes.

     “I’m drawn to oversize, statement jewelry pieces. The earrings were created by Camilla James, the jewelry designer I interned for in the South End. It is important to add a personal touch to an outfit!”

  • How long did it take for you to get it decorated the way it is now? How do you tackle decorating rooms? It can be daunting. Do you have a few tips?
    It took us roughly 3 months to complete the decorating process. Initially, we purchased a few necessary furniture pieces, like a new coffee table and dresser. After the bones of the rooms were in order, it was important to add personal touches, like our color-coded bookshelf and bar area. I’d suggest getting the bigger pieces arranged before you figure out the fun details.

    “This is the painting we commissioned last year. I was thrilled with the final product and felt like the artist succeeded in incorporating our love of blues, large abstract shapes and subtle pattern nicely.”

  • “I enjoy mixing contemporary and vintage pieces in my home. These worn trunks are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are great for storage purposes too. Also, the red pumps are very special to me! I wore them to the launch party for my art consulting company, Colour Bloc, this past October.”

  • Do you have a favorite piece of art in your home?
    Yes, the large painting we purchased last spring when I was moving in. I had accidently stumbled upon the studio of an emerging painter who possessed a lively and colorful energy. I was instantly attracted to her abstract brush marks and love of neon. I showed her work to my boyfriend and instead of selecting a completed piece, we decided to put together our personal and combined taste and commission a painting. It’s the perfect conversation piece for our living room and a lovely memory we will always share!

    “My boyfriend acquired this print from Warhol’s ‘Space Fruit’ collection right before we met. He impressed me early on with his knowledge of and taste in art.”

  • How would you recommend creating an art collection in your home?
    If working with an art consultant is not in your budget, I have a few basic suggestions to building a meaningful art collection. Do not be afraid to visit art shows, art fairs or local galleries, most artists and gallery owners are more than happy to answer questions about the displayed work. Make sure to only invest in pieces you love not because you feel it is a bargain. It is a piece you will have to cherish for a while. Most importantly, have fun with the process and remember the work does not have to be matchy matchy with wall color, decor style or the time period of your home. Mix things up…but love what you choose!

     “I created this pattern filled digital collage a few years ago. The various images are from a Diane Von Furstenburg lookbook I was given when I interned in Manhattan. I enjoy being able to share my personal art making process with close friends and family.”

  • Do you work from home? What is a typical day like for you?
    I love being an entrepreneur and working from home because no day is typical! Some mornings start with a client meeting and others begin at an artist’s studio. I enjoy breaking up the work day by heading to a local coffee shop and surrounding myself with other creative types. I have always wanted to be my own boss and now realize that some days I am the CFO, others I am in charge of PR and at times the assistant answering the phone and setting up meetings. It is a juggling act, but I would not have it any other way!

    “Layered items like artwork and colored stationery boxes add the perfect amount of personality to my desk. It was important to create a space that felt comfortable, but also purposeful.”

  • What are your favorite places to shop for your home? In Boston? Online?
    One of my favorite shops in Boston is a cute home design store in the North End called Acquire. This is my go-to source for vintage scores and eclectic home furnishings. A few other Boston favorites are Patch NYC, Lekker Home, and Hudson. Patch NYC is known for their one of a kind pillows and quirky layering pieces. Lekker Home is a must for neutral furniture with clean, crisp lines. Hudson is a great place to find colorful accent items.

  • “I have spent the last year having a love affair with my new neighborhood, Beacon Hill. The architectural details, the colored doors, the beautiful flower boxes, the charming streets … I could go on all day!”

  • How do you sparkle?
    When I stumble upon a young artist’s studio and walk in to discover a world of talent and creativity, one of the best feelings. Oh, and I literally sparkle after I’ve paid a visit to The DryBar…

  • Carrie @DreamGreenDIY

    As a fellow Studio Art and Art History grad, I was TOTALLY inspired by this interview! I’ve been struggling to find my path since graduation 5 years ago – Should I go into teaching? Give up on finding an art-related job and go corporate? Art consultation seems like the perfect fit!! I’m thrilled to have been given a new focus…

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  • Donna

    Your vision for Colour-Bloc is truly evident in your beautiful home. Continue on your successful path and always follow your bliss!

  • Judy

    Your joyful expressions in your home are inspirational! I am re-covering a vintage chair based on the colour-bloc theory! Keep up the good work!

  • Caroline

    The passion and enthusiasm you have for your business is cleverly displayed in your home. I love the colour bloc chairs that flank the bar.

  • Olivia

    Gorgeous home! Keep up the good work!


  • Jenna

    Any idea where her teal bag is from? Oh and her striped top in the last few pictures? Thanks!!

    • Amelia

      The striped shirt is Equipment & the teal bag is Cole Haan. Thanks!

  • Ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    What a cool job and great interview! Her style is amazing. Any idea where her red blouse is from in the first few photos? I love it! ~ ashleigh

    • Amelia

      So glad you liked it!! The red top is old Rebecca Taylor …

  • Amberly Charter

    What a treat your home is, Amelia! My favorite things were the coffee table (the lucite, the cowhide, the colors) and of course your art collection, especially the piece above the wooden chest of drawers. Oh and I can’t forget to say how much I love the new meaning you gave to “book shelves.” :) Thanks for sharing your home!

  • Megan F

    Such amazing style in all aspects. Love all of the art pieces. One question where is the fabulous grey/metallic dress from in photo 8? And the stunning emerald necklace in 10. Thank you what a great feature!

    • Amelia

      Thanks so much! The metallic dress is by APC and the necklace is J Crew.

  • Liz

    BEAUTIFUL! Love all the color.

  • Hillary Thomas

    I think I spotted some of our lamp finials in your gorgeous home… they look wonderful!! Xoxo Hillary

    • Nikki

      Haha Hillary! I use them whenever I can- this project
      was no exception. Sorry to miss you at NYIGF.
      -Nikki, ACQUIRE

      • Hillary Thomas

        That makes me so happy :) Sorry to miss you too!

  • Kelly

    love all the bracelets.. where are they from?

    • Amelia

      Is there one in particular? Three are Anthro, Iosselliani, and Hermes.

  • Monica

    Love the grey-ish wall color! What is it called?!

    • Amelia

      Thanks so much! It’s Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

  • Horses & Heels

    I love her style & the cowhide rug especially!

  • Penelope S

    Impeccable style! You have such a beautifully styled home and I love the artwork!

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  • Lianna Eysnogle

    Love love love. The color is fabulous. Each room is bright and cheery. And I love the pillows on the bed!

  • Zoe Lindberg

    I love the color-coded bookshelf AND your flower-y red top. Where is your top from?

    • Amelia

      The red top is Rebecca Taylor from a few years ago … Glad you enjoyed the feature!!

  • Christen

    I love the paint color on the wall with the fireplace. Do you recall who makes it/name?

    • Amelia

      The deep blue color is Benjamin Moore Van Deusen blue. It’s a gorgeous color … Glad we went with it!

  • Erica Doig

    Absolutely love the layout of this! The shelves really make the space :)

  • Danielle Selby

    Loved getting to see Amelia’s home! What pretty art pieces to fill a great home. :)

  • Lindsay Van Cleave

    Gorgeous home! I love that it’s minimalist yet fun.

  • Helen

    Love the article. Keep up the good work!

  • Kristen

    Love the dresser, where did you get it?

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  • Traci Gore

    Love your home! Where did you get your desk from?

    • Amelia

      Thanks SO much! It’s from Crate & Barrel a few years ago.

  • shannncriderlangley


  • cate

    where is the rug.from? love it!

    • Amelia

      The cow hide rug is ABC Carpet : )

  • Lysa Mc

    Amelia! Can you come to my house and redo everything?? I am so happy for you..You are so beautiful inside and out and it radiates in all your work…Stay happy!

  • Olivia

    Love, love, everything about this, Amelia! So adorable – love your home and clothing style 😉 That’s the perfect red poppy nail polish. Do you mind sharing the color?

  • Jacqueline

    I’d love to know where those beautiful woven baskets in your office are from! I love it all

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