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Entertaining: Girls' Brunch With Sarah Yates

Hello Glitter Girls, Sarah Yates here. The Birds of a Feather girls and I get together every other month for a brunch where we have a small feast, chat about business, catch up on each other’s personal lives and—of course—make it all as pretty as we possibly can! We take turns hosting, which gives us an opportunity to be creative with the tablescapes and menus! I hosted this particular month, and I decided to create a table that would complement my DIY gold spotted feathers. It’s so much fun putting together a table for a group of girls!

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Get the look:

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  • How would you describe your entertaining style?
    I would describe my entertaining style as playful, feminine, and inviting. I think of entertaining as creating an experience for your friends and loved ones! It’s a gift you can give them, and for that reason, I work to make it ultra-special with pretty details and extra tasty food.

  • “Our dining room table is made of reclaimed wood and brings a bit of a rustic touch to any tablescape. I think it balanced out the explosion of pink, gold, and white.”

  • What are some of your favorite things to serve for brunch?
    I love to serve quinoa patties, sweet potato latkes, roasted vegetables, and seasonal side salads. And always, always a pretty cocktail! On this day, I juiced some blood oranges from our backyard and made blood orange mimosas! For brunch, we ate herbed beet quinoa patties, orange maple glazed carrots, and shaved Brussels sprout & pomegranate salad. Head over to A House in the Hills to see the recipes from this Birds of a Feather get together!

    “We transformed cute little Jonathan Adler salt and pepper shakers into mini vases for some eucalyptus and gold rosemary.” 

  • “Another Jonathan Adler vase, this was a gift from our friend and colleague Tori of Sitting in a Tree Events! Filled with eucalyptus and a feather, he was the only gentleman at our brunch!”

  • What is your favorite album and/or artists to play at a girls’ brunch?
    I have to admit that I often rely on Pandora to pick my entertaining music during these girls brunches. I’ll pick something mellow like Nina Simone and then let Pandora work its magic. It takes the pressure off!

  • “These feathers were inspired by the name of our company, Birds of a Feather. A cheap and easy DIY, they made the table feel personal and complete.”

  • What are your DOs and DON’Ts for entertaining at home?

    Do: Figure out what you can do the day before so that you’re not too overwhelmed on the day you’re entertaining! I try to set the table, complete any kitchen prep work that can be done in advance, and clean the house. This way, on the day of, I can concentrate on getting myself dressed and ready after I’m done cooking! I also try to make sure that all the glassware, plates, and spoons I’ll need for serving are accessible. I avoid the frantic cupboard searching when I’m trying to get food on the table by having everything planned out and ready to go.

    Do: Take your guest up on an offer to bring something! It’s always nice to have one less thing to worry about, and it also makes them feel like a well-mannered guest for helping out.

    Do: Try to stick to recipes you know and are comfortable with—experimenting on a day when you’re entertaining can lead to kitchen disasters and unnecessary stress!

    Do: Plan your meal around timing. You don’t want to be worrying about four different dishes all being done at the same time! Keep it simple with no more than two cooked dishes that can be prepared mostly in advance. You’ll have more time to enjoy your company!

    Do: Be sensitive to your guests’ food allergies and preferences by taking the time to ask in advance if there’s anything they can’t enjoy!

    Don’t: Forget the details! A few little touches like drink tags, fresh flowers, and pretty napkins go a long way towards making your guests feel like you’ve created something special just for them!

    Don’t: Forget to think about what you’ll wear. If things take longer in the kitchen than expected, you’ll want to have your outfit picked out and ready to go so you can change on the fly!

    Don’t: Forget what it’s all about: gathering with people you care about and sharing a meal. Enjoy it!

    “These are the fixings for a mighty tasty blood orange mimosa! Fresh squeezed juice and high quality champagne—what’s not to love? A few slices of blood orange in the pitcher added the sweetest pop of color and a hint of citrus to our water.”

  • “This shaved Brussels sprout salad with pomegranates, nuts, and a mustard vinaigrette served as the perfect seasonal side. I prepared it in advance to lighten my entertaining load once the girls arrived!”

  • How would you describe the décor style of this brunch? Any ideas for how our readers can achieve this style on their own?
    I’d describe the décor style as feminine glam. When creating a table like this, gold spray paint can be your best friend. I spray-painted the feathers for the plates and then spray-painted some rosemary to work into the floral arrangements. Had I had more time, I probably would’ve spray-painted a few more things—maybe some vases and a couple more candle votives! I come from a place of “more is more” when putting together a table.

    I found the plates/placemats on West Elm and the linen napkins on Etsy. The rest I pulled from my existing collection of vases and tabletop décor. And the gold flatware is from Cambridge Collection, but unfortunately, it’s been discontinued. Similar set here.

    plates // salad plates // placemats

    “I chose colorful carrots to glaze and roast, a quick and easy dish that’s as pretty as it is tasty.”


  • “The glassware I used is all vintage, found on Etsy. I can’t get enough of gold-rimmed glassware, ever.”

  • “These herbed beet quoinoa patties were a hit! I put out little dishes of extra chive aioli to for even more goodness.”

  • Favorite places to shop for hostess items in Palm Springs and online?
    Palm Springs has amazing vintage and thrift stores, so those are always my go-to for local hostess shopping. There are so many, and I’ve yet to choose a favorite—I always feel it’s a matter of serendipity! The Trina Turk store is amazing, too!

    Online, I love Jonathan Adler for tabletop items and hunting for vintage tableware on Etsy!

  • How do you sparkle?
    I sparkle by surrounding myself with inspiring people who make me laugh! Nothing makes me sparkle more than a good old-fashioned belly laugh!


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