Style At Home: Liz Bachman Of Grey & Scout

[tps_header]Stylist Liz Bachman made a name for herself curating beautiful examples of interior design on her blog Grey and Scout, all before the days of Pinterest’s mountains of easily accessible inspiration. A strong believer in stylish-yet-not-trendy design, Liz never fails to beautifully blend her clients’ most meaningful possessions with chic new items to create a home with a truly personal aesthetic.  In Liz’s own home, this means a modern look and clean lines juxtaposed alongside warm details that perfectly reflect her taste and personality.

Photography: Grace Combs [/tps_header]
Tell us about your blog Grey & Scout and how it came about.
The Grey and Scout blog grew out of my desire to collect and curate the pieces that I loved and the spaces that stood out to me (this was before the fabulously addicting world of Pinterest). Along the way I’ve developed relationships with other stylists and interior designers; it’s become an outlet to connect and exchange ideas with people, and it‘s allowed me to exist in the ever growing world of online interior design.

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