The Power Of Beauty Oils

[tps_header]Gone are the days when oil evoked a fear of clogged pores and skin congestion. Beauty oils are now a modern-day skin miracle—a potent, natural source of clean moisture and a powerful addition to our beauty regimen. Loaded with concentrated levels of essential fatty acids and vitamins that enhance softness, elasticity and healing, many of our favorite picks include multipurpose oils that add radiance, fight aging and boost hydration. Because of their balancing effects, these skin-enhancing elixirs are suited for any skin type—even acne-prone (yes, really!). We’re certain you’ll find at least one to obsess over!

Written By Erin Gerlach of The Sparkle.[/tps_header]
Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil ($62): This lightweight, silky, jojoba oil-based formula layers protective Vitamin E with fragrant and healing Neroli.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

  • I started using Fresh’s Moisturizing Seaberry Oil and it has changed my skin care routine! My skin looks healthier, dark spots and acne scars are lightening, and I haven’t had a problem with dry skin since using it. Seriously, the best. A little expensive, but well worth the cost.

  • I have been using Neroli infused Marula oil from African Botanics. I am a huge fan of facial oils and this one is the best I have ever used. It smells amazing and hydrates so incredibly well.

  • I am in love with SUKI oil for combination skin. It works wonders in the Chicago cold.

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