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10 Best Mascaras | TheGlitterGuide.com

For many women, mascara is the one beauty item they would never leave the house without applying. With just a few easy strokes, mascara can transform eyes, making them look bright and open. However, not every woman wants the same thing for their lashes. Some are looking for length, others volume, and many want both. Luckily, you can rely on Glitter Guide to test out tons of mascaras to reveal the 10 best. So get ready to hit the stores to pick up the latest and greatest mascaras. Your newly defined eyes will surely thank you.

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  • http://barefoot-duchess.blogspot.gr/ barefoot duchess blog

    Say what??!! Maybelline’s Falsies costs only 7.99$?? In Greece the price is 19.79$!!!!! Seriously now?

    • atl

      $5.99 if you buy it at Target.

      • http://barefoot-duchess.blogspot.gr/ barefoot duchess blog

        You are killing me!!!!!

    • audrey

      Hi Ladies,

      You really need to try this 3D Lash mascara. It is seriously awesome. I only signed up to sell it because I love the product so much.


  • atl

    Maybelline Falsies has been my go to mascara for years. I stray away, but keep coming back. Definitely not for those who want a natural look. It is difficult to work with, but the results are great once you get the hang of it. Trick is to apply the second coat when it is wet. Don’t let it dry or it will be super clumpy. Also another great alternative is Maybelline Illegal lengths. High-end mascaras are not worth it. There is a drugstore equivalent for most of them.

  • http://www.sequinsandsass.com/ Eleanor @ Sequins & Sass

    CoverGirl’s Lash Blast Fusion is my one & only!

  • Erin Russell

    Maybelline Falsies ALL THE WAY! Love it!

  • Linda

    there is no better mascara than Channel INIMITABLE $ 30

  • http://www.lifeunsweetened.com/ Rachel

    Loreal Voluminous and the Voluminous Million Lashes are my favorites!

    • Sarah Black

      YES I loveee this mascara!!!
      I keep coming back to it and buying it.
      The Loreal Voluminous Million is my favorite (it’s in a shiny gold tube)!!!

  • ray ray

    My sisters and I all love maybelline’s full and soft; big brush, goes on well, easy to work with. i’ve gone back to it every time since eighth grade…we’re talking over a decade of using it

  • Hillary

    I like Clinique’s Naturally Glossy as an everyday mascara ($16) and I also adore Blinc (Sephora, $26). Blinc stays on forever and it makes your lashes look luscious.

  • Ty

    I’m so glad you put DiorShow mascara on the list! It smells like rosewater too!

  • coriander7

    i agree with ray ray every time i stray away, i end up going back to maybelline’s full and soft. actually tried great lash because it always has great reviews but it irritates my eyes and was too difficult to remove

  • http://www.facebook.com/abrittainhale Amber Brittain-Hale

    I can never get enough of mascara talk. I shared this article on my page- The Pink Frock. Thank you so much. Amber

  • Sophie

    …But BEST of all, no one will even care about the fact that you don’t know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, or ‘its’ and ‘it’s’ when you have thick, long lashes!

  • Caroline

    You all should try Votre Vu French Accents Eiffel Power! Same brush as Dior Show and has ingredients that help keep your lashes healthy. I swear mine have grown since I started using it. Best part is you can put it on in the morning and then when you’re getting ready to go out later you can layer more on with out the clumps. It keeps your lashes so soft! – Caroline, SeventyFiveArlington.com

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  • http://twitter.com/typicallytali Tali Lek

    This is super useful! I’m trying to find a new mascara to start using. So glad I found this. :) http://www.typicallytali.wordpress.com

  • beautygrrl

    I’ve tried many mascaras, and though I have a few favorites (They’re Real, Hypnose Doll and Fairy Drops) the one that consistently get compliments: Origins GinZing! You get long, full, dramatic lashes! And always apply primer (it protects your lashes): Origins Underwear for Lashes.

  • Annie

    Really? Lancome should be on here too. I love the Hypnose Drama.

  • http://www.budziakbeauty.com/ Budziak

    Ahh! Maybelline The Falsies mascara was my #1 pick in my drugstore mascara blog post! :-) As for high-end, I love Guerlain but its way too expensive to be buying constantly. I found a few other alternatives that I love too!

  • Hiyasmin Elebaran

    I hope you could also review EnvyDerm’s mascara. I heard their products are effective and safe because its free from Paraben.

  • Rita

    I love this mascara! The effects are stunning.

    Have you heard of the Pestaña Mascara Club? I was wondering if you have reviewed their product. They send mascara to you each month – straight to your door. I was wondering if it was any good.


  • eyelovemylashes

    While everyone is hear talking about mascara- I would like to introduce you to something COMPLETELY NEW to the mascara market. Check out the website below to get 3D Fiber Lashes by Younique!!! They will literally make your views change on all other mascara you have used before!!


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