Fresh & Pretty Office Update

When it comes to your office, walking the fine line between “functional” and “cluttered” can be tough. Between the things you use and the things make your space pretty, surface space fills up fast! The best solution is to make sure your office supplies are just as appealing as your décor. We have a few suggestions to help you de-clutter and beautify your workspace!

Clockwise from top left:

Kartell Maui Armchair ($578): A well-designed desk begins with throwing out that ugly black desk chair. Replace it with something colorful and modern!

Desert Sunset File Folders ($10): Pretty folders keep sorting of all those papers on your desk from becoming a chore.

Acrylic Stapler ($24): A gold-accented stapler will serve double duty as an office essential and pretty desk decoration.

Moss Growth IV Print ($35): Colorful prints brighten your office space without adding clutter to your desk. ($35)

Hustlin’ Coffee Mug ($23): We can’t start the day without a cup of coffee, and we especially love a cute mug with an encouraging message.

Assorted Drop Cables ($10): Between computers, chargers, and other necessary equipment, it’s easy for anyone’s desk to fill up with wires. Keep them labeled and out of the way with cable organizers.

Le Pen – Periwinkle ($22): A colorful pen makes writing your to-do list less of a drag.

Crystal Love Paperweight ($40): A fresh breeze while you work is fantastic—until your stuff begins to blow away! A cute paperweight solves that problem.

2013 Cities Calendar ($19.50): An illustrated wall calendar creates a beautiful work space and helps you keep track of the days until your next deadline (or vacation!).

Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery UltraHold Sticky Assorted Flourish Notes ($2.99): A quick note-to-self (or your cubicle mate) will be easier to remember if it’s on something cuter than a plain yellow sticky note.

Robert Abbey Alvin Antique Brass Boom Desk Lamp ($212.91): Get a good view of what you’re working on with a sleek and practical task lamp.

Oh Happy Day White with Gold Pencil Pack ($8.50): Pretty pencils are nice, but encouraging ones are even better! We love the sweet note on this set.

Written By Kate Wong of Striped Cat Studio.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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