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Style at Home: Catt Sadler of E! News | Photography: Jessie Webster for Glitter Guide

Catt Sadler may be known for rocking tailored frocks in bright colors, but this E! News host is just as comfortable in easy monochromatic pieces that match the relaxed nature of the house she and her family call home. Filled with vintage snapshots, modern fixtures and plenty of standout pieces (we adore her storied, heirloom piano), Sadler’s LA home is the picture of easy elegance. The subdued color palate, paired with plenty of natural light, creates an atmosphere perfect for family time or hosting friends for jalapeno margaritas.

Photography: Jessie Webster 

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  • How did you get started with E! News?
    In 2006 I became part of the E! Family when I helped launch The Daily 10. I hosted that show for five years before becoming a part of E! News, and most recently being named the co-host of E! News Weekend. Prior to E!, I worked for about ten years in local news, both in San Francisco and Indianapolis.

    “I inherited this piano after my grandmother Freda died. My kids now tickle the ivories, so it’s a key sentimental piece in our home. The photos on the wall are a nod to the time our house was built, but also include vintage personal family photos. My sister and my mother are seen in snapshots playing the same piano.”

  • “This area is a reflection of bringing the nature outside to the inside. My boys love bugs so they appreciate that print. I almost always have fresh flowers in my house, and I particularly like this area because it’s a mixture of a lot of different woods in one space. The book ends are black leather on the sides and are one of my favorite vintage finds.”


  • What is your favorite work moment so far? 
    Lucky for me there are so many! It would have to be a tie between one particular Johnny Depp interview where he kissed my booty (okay fine, pirate booty a.k.a. my necklace) and my first sit down interview with the legendary Meryl Streep.

    “Horses are my absolute favorite animal. I grew up riding in Indiana. I gravitated to these horse sculptures the moment I saw them. You’ll also see horses in the photos framed behind my piano in the living room. The famous wild horses from Sable Island and also the horses my mom and dad boarded together when they were first married.”

  • Do you have any advice for aspiring TV hosts? 
    First, find your authentic voice and work ferociously on bringing that to your on-air presence, disposition, and overall energy. Second, practice makes perfect. Even if you don’t have a hosting job, grab your iPhone and practice interviewing each and every day. I don’t care if it’s your gardner — get used to thinking on your feet and watching yourself on camera. Dissect your work and then do it better next time. The only way your audience will be comfortable watching you is if you convince them you are at ease doing your job.

  • How would you describe your personal style? Where do you get style inspiration? 
    My personal style is relaxed chic with a wee bit of edge. For me, less is more. I gravitate to monochromatic colors — blacks, greys, navys, and nudes. I don’t spend much time shopping if I’m honest, so I get my inspiration from a few of my oh-so-stylish friends, some fashion blogs, and Kate Moss, naturally.


  • Does your on-air style differ from your personal style? 
    Yes, definitely. On television I choose silhouettes that are more structured and tailored. I always go for color because it jumps off the screen. When I’m not on TV I tend to choose more relaxed, baggy, sloppy and even oversized designs. Except for my go-to super-skinny painted on jeans that I’ll forever squeeze into…. duh!

  • “Easy space where my family spends a lot of time. The black and white framed art work on the bottom shelf is my son Arion’s thumbprints when he was five. He’s a regular Picasso.”

  • Your home is gorgeous. How did you decide on the design? 
    My home is my haven. I spend as much time as possible trying to make it as lovely and livable as possible. Admittedly, I know very little about home design, I just know what I’m drawn to and it seems to work out. I’ve tried to create a zen space but with splashes of interesting. I’ve mixed old personal photos, sentimental items from travel, and some fascinating flea market finds with an overall modern and sleek design. Our house was built in the mid-fifties so I’ve been studying mid-century design for the first time. I really appreciate that era and the sleek and simplistic nature of that time. My family has only lived here for a year, so I feel like there’s still so much I want to do with our house but realize it can’t be rushed. So we’re doing it bit by bit, piece by piece. I’m also very in tune with lighting. This house has lots of windows so there’s always tons of natural light during the day. But at night, I’ve been very strategic about what lights are where. Bad lighting is a total buzz kill.

    “I need a space where I can curl up comfortably. My family room is bright and easy. Anything goes here.”


  • What is your favorite item in your home? 
    Our piano. It belonged to my grandmother. My mother and her sisters grew up playing it, and now my two sons are taking lessons. The sounds that come from my living room when they play aren’t perfect by musical standards, but they’re perfect to me. Grams would be so tickled to know her great grandsons are playing on the same ivories she did almost a hundred years ago!

    “I’ve collected most of my retro barware from flea markets over time. I’m not finished with this space but like where it’s headed. Almost as much as where that margarita is headed…. down the hatch!”


  • Does living in LA have influence on your interior design and personal style? 
    Los Angeles is so quintessentially sunny and relaxed. My home and personal style definitely reflect that. I’m an Indiana girl, but I’m pretty sure I’m never leaving Cali.


  • If we come over for a cocktail, what would you serve? 
    First of all, the door is always open. My casa is su casa. Prepare for the best jalepeno margarita you’ve ever tasted. I drink them here, I don’t make them. People drive from far and wide to taste my husband’s cocktails. I can’t give you the top secret recipe, but you’re certainly invited to come taste!

  • Where are your favorite places to shop for your home online or in LA? 
    I like Modern Danish and a few vintage spots in Silverlake, Environment and Modernica on Beverly. I buzz in and out of shops on La Brea too. I don’t do a lot of shopping online but I certainly get design inspiration there.

  • How do you sparkle?
    To be honest, it has nothing to do with the clothes that I wear or the home that I reside in, it has everything to do with my connection to the world. I try to shine my proverbial light in all of my interactions with people each and every day. I don’t always succeed, and I’m human like everyone else, but I am an eternal optimist. I see miracles in the mundane. I see beauty every where I look. I try to project that shine and sparkle into the world, whether it’s on tv or at the super market.

    “Bits and bobs. My mini Celine is one of my favorite new bags. So compact, so chic. I appreciate perfume and rarely leave the house without one of these scents. My jewelry is always minimal but I’m naturally drawn to these strong modern gold and silver bangles; mostly from Vita Fede, Kelly Wearstler, and Hermes.”


  • Carrie Waller

    So refreshing to see the relaxed side of such a talented TV personality!! Whether flaunting her (gorgeous!) stuff on E! or curled up at home in a button-up, she’s one glamorous woman…

    • Meaghan Clark

      I agree! This was a great piece to see another side to the fabulous and brilliantly bright E! host

  • Carla
  • Jessica

    Thank you for featuring a television host. My dream is to be a television host as well and it was so nice seeing Catt Sadler on the Glitter Guide. Thank you for featuring her and asking her the question for any advice for aspiring television hosts. Thanks for this feature. :)

  • Tayce

    Got to have that dress. Anyone know the designer?

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  • gabby

    Please help me find her chandelier over her table ,where can i purchase it ????

  • Kim Jackson

    What a beautiful pictorial. As a host, Catt is always flashing her megawatt smile; but here, she looks gorgeous in a bit more of a subdued and introspective way. She’s a knockout and her home is simply lovely.

  • Jessica B.

    I am a huge Catt Sadler fan – thank you for featuring her gorgeous home! I absolutely love it!

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  • sauvignonelle

    Ugh i LOVE THIS! So beautiful and elegant.

  • Drew Elizabeth

    Love her and her home is gorgeous! So simple and elegant.

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