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[tps_header]Market Publique, an online market place specifically for vintage fashion, is the creation of Pamela Castillo. We anticipated that Pamela sense of creative style would carry over to her  home as well. And her chic New York pad definitely impressed! Pamela’s appreciation for vintage is made clear through the unique second-hand pieces highlighted throughout her home, and the modern touches make for a one of a kind space. We love how the small bursts of color play up the otherwise monochromatic hues in such a perfect and glamorous way . 

Photography by Kate Sims [/tps_header]
Where did your love of vintage come from and when did you decide to launch Market Publique?
My love for vintage comes from my grandma and the search for beautiful and unique things. I would always browse through her closets and go antique shopping with her whenever we visited the US (I’m from Guatemala originally. After moving to New York, my closet shrank a lot and vintage got way more expensive. So I started buying and selling vintage on eBay. Frustrated by how hard it was to make anything look good on eBay, plus all their fee and feedback changes, I looked for alternatives. When I found that there were not any vintage-specific alternatives, I built Market Publique, and launched the blog in 2008 and the marketplace in 2009.

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I have been switching gears lately, going back to Technical Product and User Experience design consulting (full disclosure: I am as much a computer nerd as a fashion nerd, and proud of it!), and also launching a new content website called came about much in the same way– as I got busier running my startup and with consulting, I found less and less time to keep up-to-date and read some of my favorite blogs, including The Glitter Guide. I felt that Google Reader was not the right solution for me, and the ‘unread’ count on both Google Reader and Bloglovin’ was stressful, instead of relaxing. Plus, I would set them up with the blogs I knew about and would never get around to discovering new ones and adding them in.

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So in February, when my friend Jorge left his job as VP of Innovation at Refinery29, we decided to build a platform where you can customize the content you want to read, discover new content based on subject and browse visually. is in beta right now and invite-only, but here is a special link for Glitter Guide readers to sign up for an early view. Let us know what you think and which blogs we should feature!

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