20 Spring Must-Haves Under $200

[tps_header]Today marks the official start of spring! We welcome great weather, longer days, bountiful produce, and—of course—the bright colors, patterns, and prints so characteristic of the season. Peruse the picks we’ve deemed essential for the coming months as the temperatures—and our spirits—begin to rise.[/tps_header]
A trench coat is a spring essential, and we love the flirty hem of this affordable version from Target! Target ($59.99)

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

  • Hi! Love your lists. Would y’all ever considering adding a “see list view” button to your slideshows? I look forward to your email every day as a quick break from work. :) However, each slideshow page has to load, and I rarely make it to the end of the slideshow unless I see something in preview that I really want to look into. I work in media/digital and have found it’s a great feature.

    May just be a more helpful upgrade!

    • Ashlyn,

      Yes, it’s one of our goals to make it more functional. However, we’re not quite ready for the features yet or any upgrades. Hopefully sometime this year. Not sure what will happen with these exactly, but we’re looking into it. Also, sometimes it’s better to check back later in the day. We get slammed in the morning and it may be why it’s slower to get through the slides. Thanks for the feedback! Thanks for reading GG!

  • I love the trench coat and the jean top. Floral prints have always been a favorite of mine.

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