Shop Talk: Angie Hranowksy Interior Design


Angie Hranowksy has made a name for herself in the interior design world by taking chances with modern fixtures, bright colors and one-of-a-kind designs. Angie’s ability to create visually appealing and personal interiors for all of her clients has made her a darling of the design world. The Charleston office she calls home is a pure representation of her design aesthetic, and the passion she has for her work. We were lucky enough to get a peek into her work space with its bright, airy design. 

Photography by Olivia Rae James.[/tps_header]
Tell us about your background as an interior designer and how you got started?
Interior design has always come naturally for me. I started out designing houses for my barbies as a little girl. After establishing my career as a graphic designer and working at a firm in Miami, I moved to Charleston where I began to freelance. We then bought our first house and I set about transforming it. It was then that I realized my career path was about to take a turn. That house got published very quickly, which coincided with new commissions from a couple of family members. Those jobs really allowed me to grow and be creative, and they gave me the freedom to take some risks. From there the work kept coming.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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