The Best Festival Style At Coachella 2013

[tps_header]If your Instagram feed looked anything like ours the past few days, it was filled with gorgeous sunsets, pool parties, palm trees, and the infamous Coachella Ferris wheel. Every spring, Coachella serves as more than a music festival. It’s also a real life fashion week for bohemian desert style. This year, there was no shortage of festival fashion, from short shorts to long and flowy dresses, and daring cropped tops to feminine culottes. To give you a glimpse of this year’s Coachella fashion (or to help you reminisce, now that you’re home!), we’ve rounded up a collection of this year’s best style shots from the Coachella Valley.

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One of our favorite style icons, Kate Bosworth, looked adorable in her matching short and tank set. (image)

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Author: Caitlin Kruse