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[tps_header]Bri Emery of Design Love Fest is a renowned member of the online community, celebrated for her insanely colorful charisma and extensive expertise with all things aesthetically pleasing. Her portfolio boasts an ever-evolving career and too many eye-catching elements to count! From design and typography to exciting collaborations and innovative workshops, this lady’s brilliance knows no limit. We caught up with the creative to discuss her process, her projects, and—of course—her utterly stunning office space (can you say swoon?!).

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Photography: Jessie Webster

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Bri’s loft office in her Los Angeles home. Desk: West Elm; Rug: West Elm; Chair: West Elm; Ombre console: Implement

Let’s start from the beginning. When did you get the inspiration to start Design Love Fest?
I still remember the day I started the blog. Typing the words “designlovefest” into that little box. At that time, I desperately needed an escape from a 9-5 job that was holding me back creatively. I was eager to find my voice—what made me get up in the morning, what brought inspiration to my life. Very quickly designlovefest became an everyday outlet for me, whether I was blogging about my struggles or just what I thought was beautiful. It was a very personal place for me for a long time…I feel like it molded me as a creative.

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