10 Best Face Washes

[tps_header]Remember those pre-middle school days when your skin was perfectly clear and smooth, and keeping it that way was totally low maintenance? Now that we’re grown up, we spend plenty of time choosing the best foundations, BB Creams, concealers, and countless other products to achieve the appearance of a flawless face, but the easiest way to get perfect skin starts before the make-up even comes out. With all the facial cleansers on the market, anyone can find an ideal formula with a little research. Whether your skin is super-sensitive, breakout prone, or oil-slicked by the end of the day, there’s a face wash out there that will make your complexion glow. We’ve rounded up our ten favorite face washes, from of-the-moment cleansing oil to travel-friendly facial wipes, so that you can get ready for a summer of fantastic skin!

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Clinique Facial Soap ($13.50): This tried and true classic is one we always come back to when we want fresh, clean skin.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

  • I live by Cetaphil, and the Yes to Cucumbers wipes are perfect for trips and camping! They leave your face so fresh with no residue!


  • We are thrilled to see Easy Does It on your list. What an amazing honor and thank you.

  • I had a job that required me to be out in the hot SoFla sun for much of the day and I ended up getting sun spots and getting terribly burned. Cetaphil was the treatment I was recommended and it really did wonders for my skin. It nursed it back to health and evened out my tone. I swear by this product!

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