Style At Home: Hanna Seabrook Of Gadabout

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Style At Home: Hanna Seabrook Of Gadabout

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to meet a true southern belle, look no further than Hanna Seabrook. Just skim the GADABOUT Creative founder’s blog, and you’ll get a clear idea of her sophistication, charm, and classic sensibility. We’re huge fans of her clean and pretty work, so we were thrilled at the chance to peek inside the historic home she and her husband rent in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. We instantly fell in love with her light-filled house, and of course the impeccable style and southern roots that appear in every corner of Hanna’s space!

Photography by Oliva Rae James.

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  • Sofa: Century Furniture. Accent Pillows: John Robshaw for Duralee & Garnet Hill. Coffee Table: Lillian August from Acquisitions.

    Tell us about GADABOUT, your work and how you got started.
    I started the GADABOUT blog in college in 2008 and then followed up with a stationery company the following year. Though I am currently redoing the stationery line and the iPhone app (POST.) that accompanies it, it is totally responsible for my career in graphic design.

    Customers began asking for custom illustration work for cards, and then logos and then websites. It all happened so organically that I steadily expanded my portfolio, small team and skill set over a 4 year span. I have gotten to the point now where I love every bit of what I do and truly feel like a professional. Most of my time is now spent solving creative problems through logo, web design and paper products. Bloggers, interior designers, and brick and mortar shops have made up most of my client list, though I love the challenge of getting into a new medium or project!

  • Painting: Sally King Benedict. Chairs: Hooker Furniture from GDC Home

    Your home is so charming and beautiful! Does your home reflect the same style as your wardrobe or as your work?
    I would like to say I am more complex than this, but I only really love two things, the new and the old. I especially love them juxtaposed. I think most everything I do is marked by my efforts to strike that balance. While my home is more traditional, my graphic design work leans towards modern due to how innovative my field is. In my wardrobe you will find the biggest blend of ideas. I wear classic shapes and neutral colors primarily, but I also really appreciate trends and I am not afraid of color if the piece is perfect.

  • What was the hardest part of decorating?
    Dealing with my impatience and our Victorian height walls! They are just so hard to fill at my age. My goal for this home and all that follow will be for them to feel “lived in.” But to achieve that takes time and patience. I want things to feel finished, but I don’t want to purchase something simply for the sake of that. I always have to fight that urge. I would love to have pieces from our first home that make their way to our last.

  • Suno dress from Hampden Clothing.

    “If you follow me on instagram you must know that I am quite fond of Henrietta. We cannot wait to get our second cavalier this September! ” 


  • What is your favorite part of decorating?
    The minute you finally get it right… when something has found it’s proper place. It can be as simple as bringing a vase upstairs from downstairs or switching two paintings, but it lights you up and makes you feel complete. I adore that feeling.

  • How has being a born-and-raised Southerner influenced your style?
    Like most Southerners, I desire to live comfortably, I love the prospect of entertaining and what belonged to my family feels sacred and and unabashedly stylish. Every time that I visit my parents I am hunting for something of my grandparents to bring home with me. My mother has now taken to looking through my bag before I leave. Living down here just makes you appreciate the past. It’s everywhere.

  • What is your favorite room in your house?
    My bedroom.

  • Where are some of your favorite design sources both online and in Charleston?
    Online I peruse One Kings LaneSerena & Lily, Furbish Studio, Lulu and Georgia and Wisteria. In Charleston I love John Pope Antiques, Antiques of South WindermereAcquisitions, Elizabeth Stuart Designs, GDC Home and Oak Terrace Antiques.

  • Bedding: Matouk, Lisa Fine Textile, Yala Designs. Headboard: Serena & Lily. Lamps: Vintage sourced by Poplin and Queen. China: Juliska Country Estate.

  • You’ve incorporated a lot of antiques and vintage pieces into your home, do you have any tips for collecting & shopping for them?
    My biggest piece of advice is buy what you love, regardless of the value. Quirky $2-$20 finds are often my most favorite things to bring home! The nice thing about antiques or vintage pieces is that their value is always up for debate. A piece can have value because of its history, craftsmanship or simply because you love it. At my age, I buy most of my pieces because of the latter and if you are just getting started that is probably the right way to go. If you are going to pay for an antique, make sure you know the true value of it. Ask the questions that explain the cost. When was it made and what was it made from? Are the drawers dovetailed, is it signed? If the retailer doesn’t know, then it probably should be relatively inexpensive. All of these questions will either justify the cost or tell you to move on and keep looking. The right piece is out there. You just have to find it.

  • Bedding: D. Porthault. Lamps: Ralph Lauren from Homegoods.

  • Sheridan French skirt. & vintage necklace.

    Tell us about your workspace & working from home.
    Depending on the day you can find me at my desk, on my porch or working in my bedroom. I have to switch it up to stay inspired. That is one of the joys of working from home, you can be comfortable and tailor your process. The challenge of that is not allowing yourself to get too comfortable. Household chores or errands can get you off track and the temptation to work in your pajamas is always there!

  • “I am a total paper hoarder. So having a place to pin all of the business cards, notecards, drink menus and paper things I steal from restaurants, businesses and friends is important. I love having little reminders of all the places I’ve gone and people I love right above my desk.”

  • How do you sparkle?
    When I get to hang out with funny, thoughtful people. It rubs off on me!

  • Samira Reyes

    I love the southern style!! love her blog! thanks for the introduction!!!!

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  • Emily

    I’m from South Carolina too and she does such a good job of combining southern style with modern touches! Her home is beautiful!

  • Alyssa Gapske


  • Tobe | Because It’s Awesome

    I ADORE her home! Such a surprise, given her design style. Very cool. Especially taken with “The minute you finally get it right… when something has found it’s
    proper place. It can be as simple as bringing a vase upstairs from
    downstairs or switching two paintings, but it lights you up and makes
    you feel complete. I adore that feeling.” Could not agree more! ox

  • Meg

    Now we’re talking! This girl is so much more my style than a lot of the other modern homes that are being featured right now on blogs. I LOVE antiquing and am inspired to keep looking for little treasures after seeing this post. New follower of Gadabout.

  • ygriega

    What a great eye she has, I very much enjoyed this post.
    The vase in Slide 15–Im sure is a vintage find. I am obsessed with the color/stars.

  • Emily Chaffin

    Love Hana!!! She is incredibly creative and talented! She did the logo for our photography business and we get compliments on it all of the time! Gorgeous house!!!

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  • Aja Lake [the gold hat.]

    such an adorable, cozy looking space. lovely, hanna.

  • Nnenna

    She has a beautiful home. I especially love the mint colored vase with stars that was featured- what an amazing piece! I also love that she has stacks of books all over :)

  • Bri

    where is that raspberry and white skirt from? it’s gorgeous!

  • Heather P.

    Such a beautiful home! It’s a dream of mine to retire somewhere south…live in a nice, big, airy house with neutral tones and amazing shuttered bay windows!

  • andi

    Bri – the skirt is by Sheridan French!

    • Bri

      thank you!

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  • Dominique DeLaney

    Ummm I am kind of obsessed with Hanna….she has amazing style and a great eye for design! And I always love a girl who is just as obsessed with vintage and quirky antiques as myself!

  • norjus

    where can I find that gorgeous chunky gold neckalce Hanna’s sporting in her cover shot?? it’s simply beautiful!

  • Lianna

    so beautiful. Its such a welcoming night!

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  • Paper Fancy

    Beautiful home!

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