Spring Salads For Dinner

[tps_header]While the idea of spending a long evening slowly sautéing, braising or stewing over the stove sounds exceptionally sophisticated and indulgent, let’s face it—we don’t always have the room in our schedules. But that’s not to say that we can’t whip up something truly spectacular! Hearty salads—the operative word being “hearty”—are our new favorite solution to weeknight indecision. By adding just a few new ingredients to a standard bowl of fresh greens and veggies, you can take dinner from bland to bountiful in no time!

Written by Carrie Waller of Dream Green DIY.

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Smoky, tangy and sweet flavors all combine deliciously in this Bacon, Pear and Blueberry Salad. Did we mention that there are only three steps in the recipe?! (recipe)

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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