8 Jeweled Earrings We Want Now


Usually statement earrings are reserved for special occasions and fancy cocktail dresses, but we believe relegating sparkly chandeliers and long drop earrings only to your formal wardrobe is a lost opportunity! Big statement earrings can look just as chic dressing up a simple t-shirt as they do with your best little black dress, and they make a great feature piece when you keep things simple by avoiding other flashy accessories. Whether you’re going on an afternoon coffee stop with your girlfriends or attending a black tie wedding, just grab a pair of jeweled earrings and consider yourself stylishly accessorized. To help you choose some statement jewels, we’ve rounded up eight pairs of jeweled earrings we’re currently coveting.

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ASOS ($33.94): Silver is a refined backdrop for sparkly stones, and makes for a classic and timeless style.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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