3 Ways To Look Stylish While Traveling


Whether it’s an early take-off, a late arrival, or just a long flight in general, traveling can take a lot out of us — and when we’re hoping to avoid getting exhausted, comfort is our ally. Thankfully, there are several comfortable and stylish ways to travel, making it easy to arrive at your destination and go straight into a new adventure. Here are three looks that are sure to feel good on the plane, and look good off the plane…

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Written by Natalie Lynn Borton of Thoughts By Natalie.


Dress & Chambray Top
If a warm-weather location is where you’re headed, try this dress and chambray combo. Just add a comfy pair of sandals and a large tote to complete the look! (image)

Get the look:
Dress: Madewell Dress ($135)
Shirt: J.Crew Keeper Chambray Shirt ($78)
Sandals: Naya Hillary Sandal ($124.99)
Tote: Bueno Satchel ($39.99)

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Author: Natalie Borton

Natalie is a San Diego-based jewelry designer and blogger who covers style, motherhood, wellness and life. Find her on Instagram at @natalieborton!