4 Ways To Add Pink To Your Home

There’s something undeniably special about pink. Other hues on the color wheel can certainly read as feminine, but never as inherently girly as our favorite blushy tone. If you’re feeling hesitant to make the full commitment to pink up your walls, we’re here to help with four simple ways to add the color to your home — without ruining your manicure or your budget.

(clockwise from top left)

1. For the pink loving apartment dweller who can’t touch her walls with a paint brush, a piece of statement art in her favorite shade of rose could be the perfect solution. Not into abstract art as seen here? For a more subtle effect, surround your favorite classic black and white photos with pink mats. (image)

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2. While a hot pink couch might be a commitment too big for the taking, a simple yet sophisticated upholstered pink bench seat is just right. You achieve that “wow!” factor, but can easily recover the seat should emerald eventually emerge as your new favorite color. (image)

3. Whether it’s there from the beginning, inspiring the entire space, or it acts as that perfect finishing touch, a bold area rug is one of our favorite accent pieces when styling at home. We adore this pink and cream striped rug, especially because of its weather resistant finish, making it equally ideal under an indoor dining table or an outdoor lounge chair. (image)

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4. Who says flowers are only for special occasions? We keep blooms rotating throughout the office for less than $10 a week because, really, who can say no to the fabulously sophisticated statement live florals make? Definitely try this trick at home if you consistently “think pink.” (image)

Writing & graphic by Carrie Waller of Dream Green DIY.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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