Shop Talk: Enjoy Events Co. & Shotgun Floral Studio

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Shop Talk: Enjoy Events / Photography by Cooper Carras
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  • Can you tell us a little about how Enjoy Events Co. started?
    We met on the internet. It’s true. It was love at first sight. After many meetings and chats we decided to team up to conquer the event planning + design world in Northern California, because two is better than one. We are a woman owned planning + design business with not one, but two, savvy, stylish ladies who deeply care about what they do. After all of these chats, one thing led to another and we formed what is now a passion and a pursuit of perfection for us both.

  • You create so many fun, colorful, sophisticated events! What’s your inspiration behind the parties you plan?
    Our couples! Every event we design and plan is custom and unique to our couples. We get to know them and then the magic happens.

  • You just moved to a brand new studio! Tell us a little about the space.
    Our studio is in the heart of the art , science, tech and industrial area of Emeryville, CA. It is a loft type studio with the best light where we can floralize, create, plan and design to our hearts desire.

  • What are the challenging parts of running an event planning company?
    It is a true labor of love. Running a business is hard but so rewarding. We are beyond lucky to have the most wonderful couples who we work with for a year or more when planning their event and they make it all worthwhile. The attention to detail and being extremely organized yet creative can have it’s challenges but in the end those challenges make us work even harder to create a one of a kind event for our couples.

  • How would you describe your style when it comes to decorating?
    A mix of clean lines with a modern touch, but with fun flare and color!

  • How do you stay creative and fresh when you’re planning a new event?
    This is tricky because these days people see images on Pinterest and end up all wanting the same style and look. It is our job to help them find their own style and look using inspiration they may have found. We may pull the same colors but use a pop color to spice it up a bit. At the end of the day every couple wants a unique wedding and we hope to bring new fresh and inventive ideas they love. It is all about trust while staying creative and fresh!


  • What was the most challenging part about designing your new studio as a beautiful and functional workspace?
    Not having enough storage. We have so many décor and vase pieces along with functional working items it is hard to keep it all organized and covered (behind the curtain) to keep the space looking pretty and inviting. At the end of the day it is a space we call home and find inspiring to go to.

  • How did you approach decorating your new studio?
    We started with an outline of the space and played around with color. Knowing we needed storage, we created a curtain wall to cover the not so eye catching items and took it from there. We placed our desks under the windows and created a lounge and mock-up area for when clients are in the studio. We wanted to keep things clean and fresh by having the walls, the shelving unit and the desks white. We used pops of color with our Smeg fridge, file cabinets and rugs.

  • Does your décor style reflect your fashion sense?
    Somewhat, but maybe more a mix of vintage shopping finds. In reality, time gets away from us and shopping sometimes gets the back burner. We are ready for a shopping spree after each season winds down.

  • What are your favorite parts of running your business?
    At the end of an event when the couple and parents hug us and tell us how amazing it all was. There is nothing better!

  • You do flowers now too! Tell us a little about Shotgun Floral Studio.
    Shotgun Floral Studio is the floral division of Enjoy Events Co. where creating organic, free-flowing and striking arrangements is our labor of love. Floral color palettes bring the concept of a celebration to life. They bring the story and the whimsy and the magic. For our planning and design clients we offer full floral and paper goods design as well. What can we say? We love what we do.

  • How do you sparkle?
    We like to think we do things a bit differently in the event world and provide something fresh and unique. We love what we do and every project is a labor of love.

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