6 Great Summer Cookbooks

[tps_header]Summer is a season of picnics, gatherings with friends and seemingly endless amounts of fresh ingredients for cooking. Though eating out is fun, there’s something very special about preparing food at home and showing love to friends and family through homemade meals. That being said, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite cookbooks that make summer cooking easy, fun and—of course—delicious!

Written by Natalie Lynn Borton.


It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Turshen ($19.99): The recipes in this stunning cookbook are based on the philosophy that our bodies deserve nutritious, wholesome foods—and that those foods should also taste insanely good. Stemming from Gwyneth’s own health scares, this book is about eating clean in a way that honors the body and nourishes the soul.


Home Made Summer by Yvette van Boven ($35): Filled with recipes from breakfast to dessert using seasonal ingredients found in the spring and summer, this beautiful book—full of photos and hand-drawn artwork—triggers memories of cozy family kitchens, lazy afternoons and glasses of ice-cold lemonade.


A Perfect Day For A Picnic by Tori Finch ($24.95): A guide to one of the season’s most beloved activities—the picnic—this summer-worthy book is all about enjoying tasty food in the great outdoors.


Meatless by Martha Stewart Living ($16.99): For anyone trying a vegetarian diet for the first time (or simply interested in eating less meat), Meatless is an ideal cookbook for summer when ample fresh produce is readily available!


The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman ($20.99): Written by a home cook, mom, photographer and celebrated food blogger, this cookbook contains over 100 recipes (85 of which are vegetarian) and 300 photos. It’s all about approachable home cooking—what could be better?


People’s Pops by Joel Horowitz, Nathalie Jordi and David Carrell ($16.99): What’s summer without Popsicles? The founders of People’s Pops—a New-York-based artisanal line of sweet & savory ice pops and shaved ices made from locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs—offer readers easy-to-follow recipes for recreating their unique flavor combinations.

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Author: Natalie Borton

Natalie is a San Diego-based jewelry designer and blogger who covers style, motherhood, wellness and life. Find her on Instagram at @natalieborton!

  • I never thought I’d see Martha go vegetarian! Does anyone know if this book is suitable for us longtime veggies?

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