Recipe File: Four Easy & Delicious Donut Glazes

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Decorating Donuts: Four Easy & Delicious Donuts Glazes

We must warn you: reading this post will cause salivation and an overwhelmingly intense donut craving—although somehow, we don’t think you’ll mind! These beautiful donuts appear to be from a fancy bakery, but the truth is, the delicious glazes were made at home! And thanks to the talented Eden Passante from Sugar and Charm sharing her secrets, we’ve got the easy recipes for each delectable donut glaze for you to try out yourself!

“People are saying donuts have made a comeback, but I’m not sure I can agree that they were ever out of style. I’ve created four delicious and super easy donut glazes you can use to set up your own donut bar. (It’s kind of like decorating sugar cookies, but with donuts!) Set out toppings like toasted coconut, chocolate chips, fresh fruit, nuts, sprinkles, graham cracker crumbs and whatever else you think would taste incredible on a donut. Combine glazes and toppings to make mouth-watering creations—like caramel hazelnut, a s’mores donut or even toasted coconut. You’ll never go back to a regular donut again!” 

Recipes & photos by Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm.

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  • Raspberry Glaze
    – 3/4 cup fresh raspberries
    – Splash of water
    – 2 cups powdered sugar

    In a blender, purée the fresh raspberries with a splash of water. This should yield about 1/2 cup puréed raspberries. Whisk the powdered sugar into the purée.

    This glaze goes well with toppings like fresh blackberries, almonds, white chocolate shavings, coconut and chocolate sauce.

  • Orange Liquor Glaze
    – 3 tablespoons fresh squeezed orange juice
    – 1 tablespoon orange liquor
    – 2 cups powdered sugar
    – Pinch of salt

    Whisk all of the ingredients together until thoroughly blended.

    Orange glaze is delicious paired with toasted coconut and garnished with fresh orange zest. It’s also very tasty with with the raspberry glaze!

  • Marshmallow Glaze
    – 2 cups mini marshmallows
    – 1 tablespoon butter
    – 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
    – Pinch salt
    (Optional: 2 teaspoons marshmallow vodka)

    In a medium saucepan, melt the butter and marshmallows together until marshmallows are almost fully melted. You don’t want to burn them; otherwise, the mixture will turn yellow. Whisk in the powdered sugar and salt. (Note: you can reheat this before serving.)

    Of course, the best donut to make with the marshmallow glaze is a s’mores donut! Use toppings like chocolate sauce and crumbled graham crackers.

  • Nutella Glaze
    – 1/2 cup Nutella
    – 1/3 cup heavy cream
    – 1 teaspoon Hazelnut Liqueur

    Whisk ingredients together until smooth.

    This rich, chocolatey glaze is amazing alone, but to gild the lily, drizzle warm caramel sauce on top and add some toasted almonds or crushed hazelnuts. Ohsogood.

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