Steal Her Style: Avant-Garde Floral


When we spotted this outfit on Pinterest we were immediately inspired. The juxtaposition of stripes against florals and boxy paired with fitted just works so well, and it’s a combination we wouldn’t have thought to put together ourselves. To try this look — seek prints and patterns in similar color families, or find a common color in both pieces (here we picked cream and white). Wear a boxy blouse that hits below your hip that shows just a bit of the skirt peeking out for the most flattering look.

1. Aviator sunglasses ($16.12)
2. Revlon Sky Pink lipstick ($6.39)
3. Mod necklace ($6.80)
4. Silk floral tee ($140)
5. Color block skirt ($237)

Image credit: The Street Muse.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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