How To Throw A Summer Gelato-Tasting Party

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How To Throw A Summer Gelato-Tasting Party

Our collective sweet tooth over here at Glitter Guide ensures a slight obsession with gelato (remember the gelato truck at Taylor’s wedding last summer?). For our next entertaining feature in collaboration with Target, we decided to focus on our favorite summer treat by throwing a Gelato-Tasting Party. Think of it as a grown-up version of an ice cream party—complete with cocktails and girlfriends, of course! Our Editorial Director Caitlin gathered a few local bloggers and creatives for a fun afternoon of conversation, frozen sweets and lots of laughs!

Photography: Natalie Franke
Styling & Production: Caitlin Moran for Glitter Guide
Floral Arrangements: Intrigue Designs & Decor
Models: Sarah Culver of Sarah Culver Photography, Christina Han of Proper Hunt, Monika Reynolds of Champagne Picnic, Lacey Wheatley of Kalivoda Clothing

This summer inspiration is brought to you by Target. Find more fun and surprises all season long on Target’s #SummerUp Pinterest board.

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  • Create a tasting bar on your counter, dining table or outside on your patio. You’ll want to have small dishes for tiny tastes, wooden spoons, sugar cones and tall glasses for floats.

    Available at Target: Ice Cream Cone Stand + Ice Cream Cones

  • Ask your guests to bring their favorite pint of gelato to taste and share. Set up a space at the end of your table and allow the girls to scoop their own flavors.

    Available at Target: Ice Cream Scoop

  • Don’t forget cocktails! We fixed a grapefruit fizz with tonic, gin and blackberries to garnish.

  • For a grown-up version of a toppings bar, opt for unsweetened shredded coconut + blueberry sauce. (We spiked our sauce by adding a splash of blackberry liqueur!)

    Available at Target: Coconut + Blueberry Sauce

  • For favors, we bottled up a batch of our favorite Salted Caramel Sauce for our guests to take home and enjoy.

  • Available at Target: Melamine bowls + Ice Cream Cone Stand + Ice Cream Scoop

  • Available at Target: Beaded Plate

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