DIY Gold Leaf Pots

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DIY Gold Leaf Pots by Michaela Noelle

We’re all about attainable DIY projects—especially the kind that allow us to spruce up our home décor. Enter: these darling Gold Leaf Pots, courtesy of  Michaela Noelle. The instructions are simple, the results utterly chic, and the display opportunities endless! With just a couple of materials and a few spare minutes, you can transform potted plants from plain to positively polished!

DIY & Styling: Michaela Noelle
Photography: Emily Scott


– Terra Cotta pots
– 2 paint brushes
– Gold leaf kit, complete with your gold leaf paper, glue and sealer (this one was found at Michael’s for under $10!)
– A pretty plant


1. Begin by cleaning your Terra Cotta pot with water so that the gold leaf adheres to the pot.

2. Brush on a thin layer of gold leaf glue around the top edges of your pot. Let it sit for 30 seconds or so.

3. Gently lay your gold leaf on the edge of the pot with the glue, pressing lightly. Peel away the gold leaf and it will easily break off, sticking only to the areas with glue.

4. Repeat Step 3 until the entire rim of the pot is covered in gold leaf. Using your clean, dry paint brush, brush over the gold-leafed area to remove any excess material—this makes for a nice, smooth finish!

5. Brush on your sealer to ensure that the gold leaf isn’t going anywhere!

6. Put your pretty plant of choice in the pot and start styling your front porch or window box!


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