Style At Home: Jacey Duprie Of Damsel In Dior

[tps_header]Jacey Duprie grew up on a farm in Texas, but you might never guess it on your own: the LA transplant is now a full-time blogger, and founder of the fashion blog Damsel in Dior. Her classically chic and slightly edgy style, and the inspiration she collects on Damsel in Dior, are far more high fashion than down-home. We love Jacey’s impeccable personal style, and her insistence that any woman can feel like they’re walking the runway in Dior whether or not they’re wearing designer tags, so we were thrilled when we got to peak inside her warm and modern home!

Photography by Jessie Webster 

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Can you tell us a little about Damsel in Dior?
Damsel in Dior started out as a hobby in 2009 and about a year and a half ago I decided to turn it into a full time business. I like to think of the blog as my alter ego and hope that it urges my readers to seek their own. The overall idea behind the blog is to inspire you to never feel like a damsel in distress, but to always feel like you are a Damsel in Dior. “Dior” does not mean the brand Dior, but instead means the feeling you get when you are dressed in something beautiful.

“William Potato McBacon Duprie (the bigger one) is 8 and Polly Pringle Smalls is 4 and these two snuggle buddies are the love of our lives. They make me laugh every day from their loud snores, funny expressions and Instagram posts (shameless plug, they’re on instagram @williamandpolly).”

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