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Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior Home Tour on Glitter Guide / Photography Jessie Webster
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  • Can you tell us a little about Damsel in Dior?
    Damsel in Dior started out as a hobby in 2009 and about a year and a half ago I decided to turn it into a full time business. I like to think of the blog as my alter ego and hope that it urges my readers to seek their own. The overall idea behind the blog is to inspire you to never feel like a damsel in distress, but to always feel like you are a Damsel in Dior. “Dior” does not mean the brand Dior, but instead means the feeling you get when you are dressed in something beautiful.

    “William Potato McBacon Duprie (the bigger one) is 8 and Polly Pringle Smalls is 4 and these two snuggle buddies are the love of our lives. They make me laugh every day from their loud snores, funny expressions and Instagram posts (shameless plug, they’re on instagram @williamandpolly).”

  • Does your taste in interior décor reflect your fashion sense?
    Not really. I think my interior décor taste is more rustic, wooden and shows the farmers’ daughter side to my personality where as my fashion sense is more of a city style. I think my home style vs. personal style show 2 sides to my personality.

    “I have always loved Gorjana and Griffin jewelry so much & am thrilled to be designing a capsule collection for them which will launch this fall (2013).”

  • “Growing up my parent’s had a sick vinyl collection, which I have managed to snag a few favorites from. I love “Babies got her blue jeans on” by Mel McDaniel. It takes me way back.”

  • How would you describe your interior design style?
    My interior design style is a mix of my rustic Texas roots and my husband’s mid century modern style.  We both have a strong appreciation for good design, but sometimes I get a little too eclectic so he will reel me back into cleaner lines and more modern furnishings. It’s a nice balance.

  • “The fireplace is a very sentimental place for me in a home. I always remember building fires with my family growing up and having game nights cozied up around the fire. On top of ours are a few meaningful pieces: When we got married we had each of our close family members contribute a sentimental token to this white vase that represents a piece of where Grant & I both came from {such as cotton, sand from the beach, soil from where we both grew up, etc…}. There is also a vintage Louis Vuitton vanity case that belonged to my mother & a few of my Granny’s favorite vintage books as well. And to top it all off, there is a piece of cotton displayed in a mini cake stand to remind me of home.”

  • What inspired you while choosing décor for your home?
    We recently moved from a very modern condo to a Spanish style home so we already had most of our furniture selected to compliment our old home. Moving these pieces into our new house actually provided quite a nice juxtaposition of old meets new.  Moving forward, we’ve been influenced by our new space to select more cozy, livable pieces to tie into the Spanish style of the house.


  • How do you stay inspired when working on posts for Damsel in Dior or one of the blogs you contribute to?
    My #1 source of inspiration for my blog is travel. Seeing the way other people live and style their lives is always so insightful to me because that is what life is about: people. Aside from travel, I also gain a lot of inspiration from shopping — even just window shopping, and watching peoples’ mannerisms while they shop — and most of all, my friends. I keep a very interesting mix of people around me who all offer something different to the table.  Oh, and Pinterest!

  • “Who doesn’t want a Mad Men style bar cart!? This is from Society Social and I can’t help but want to sip on a martini and smoke a cig every time I stroll past it.”

  • “I love a dining room table that feels just as full as your tummy should when you’re leaving it. Personal touches make a dinner party so much more enjoyable. I snagged a few of my Dad’s deer antlers to fill in loose gaps on our table. They are perfect for accenting the table any time of year.”

  • How would you describe your personal style? Do you have any tips to share on looking and feeling chic, even when you’re not wearing Dior?
    My day to day personal style is very simple. I love distressed denim with a classic white tank and black blazer. I like to spend my money where it counts: bags & shoes! The best tips I have are to keep your look simple and invest in staple items. Don’t fall for every trend and when in doubt K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Silly).

  • “I love nothing more than finding some quiet time to flip through my favorite magazines.”

  • “For our first anniversary my husband wanted to get me the traditional “paper” gift, so he made sure the “paper” box had something beautiful wrapped inside: Valentino Pumps!”

  • What do you love about writing Damsel in Dior? Are there any particular challenging aspects of writing a style blog?
    My favorite thing about my blog is that my readers have given me the greatest gift I could have ever asked for: A creative space where I can write, take pictures and be expressive. I absolutely love writing, so I enjoy posts where I get to write a bit more. I especially love teaming up with brands on more elaborate collaborations and producing video look books and things that are a bit more challenging. The biggest challenge is having your photo taken every day. Sometimes it feels a bit vain.

  • What is your favorite room in your house?
    Right now it is my studio and not only because I spend the most time in it, but it provides me with a creative oasis and I am free to decorate it anyway that I like (even if the husband doesn’t always approve). We have one night a week where we get “me” nights where we each go to our separate corners in the home and spend some quality time with ourselves, exploring our own interests and hobbies. Right now my hobby is transcribing around 300 old love letters between my grandparents from the 1930s and 1940s.

  • “In my studio I have a few pictures I took while on a volunteer trip in Kenya. Every few years I like to return to check in on all of the amazing work that the New Hope Initiative is doing there. I am actually heading back this month, July 2013 for a quick visit and my mom is coming with me! These photos remind me of how amazingly blessed I am to be doing what I love to do and living where I live.”

  • What are some of your favorite style bloggers?
    I love my girls Could I Have That?, Gal Meets Glam, A Piece of Toast, and Gadabout Creative has sick style! I just know I am leaving out so many others!

  • “A few of the hundreds of love letters to and from my Granny to her husband pre and post WWII.”

  • “You can take the girl out of Texas but you will never take the Texas out of the girl. Counting the days until my dad comes back to town so we can work on my garden!”

  • How do you sparkle?
    I remember that at the end of the day, I am just a farmer’s daughter who likes to be barefoot and play in the dirt.

  • Super Burbs

    Love this! Jacey is such a gem! xoxo


    Great post! Love Jacey’s home! It’s so cozy and well put together! I met her on the “party bus” in Dallas and she was so sweet! Great job Jacey! Hope you’re having fun in Africa!

  • ygriega

    This is a cool bar cart! I am curious if the wine rack (5 bottles!!) is sturdy?

  • Lauren Nolan

    I couldn’t be more obsessed with Jacey. Not only is she beautiful with insanely good style, but she is so NICE! She spoke at Simply Stylist in Chicago and she was everything you would want her to be- AND she was wearing Valentino pumps. The best.

  • Sarah Swango

    Jacey is so fresh and inspiring with amazing fashion sense and style! I’m dying to know where she got the sea horse t-shirt. I want it! Great job.

  • Sarah Boyd

    So happy you featured the lovely Jacey!!!

  • Alyssa Ponticello

    I always enjoy reading Jacey’s blog and getting to see her gorgeous home is a treat!

  • Maryn

    What a gorgeous home! Now I have to go check out her blog…

  • Monica Wang

    love this jacey! it is fun to see how someone else photographed your house too =)

  • Whitney Fitzgerald

    Love this! Jacey’s house is so gorgeous! I especially love her dreamy bedroom and the bamboo tray! Any idea where she got that jem from?

  • Raluca | WWGwynethDo

    This was lovely — she seems down-to-earth and accessible while still being incredibly stylish and aspirational. Not always an easy feat! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jessica

    Where did you find the faux-bamboo breakfast tray? Beautiful!

  • Lindsay Van Cleave

    Gorgeous space! I love her style.

  • Amanda Risius

    My favorite part is how true she is to herself and where she came from. I grew up on a farm in Iowa and totally relate! Incredibly refreshing to read such sentimental thoughts.

  • Brittany Olson

    This post was amazing! She truly is fabulous from head to toe!

  • Jackie

    I would love to know where Jacey’s green dress is from. Thanks!

  • Kacee-Life with Lipstick On

    Love this post! Damsel is so chic! Adore your home and your style Jacey! Fab post Glitter Guide!

  • Sarah

    Love the green dress! Where’s it from?

  • mrly659

    Need that green dress! Where is it from?!

  • Whitney Fitzgerald

    Love this! Where is the headboard from?

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  • Jessie D. Miller

    I love seeing how fashionistas decorate their homes! Jaci is adorable on her own, but those pups steal the show. Just followed them on IG!

  • Fallon Carmichael

    Jacey is amazing! I love her!!!! What a great feature =)

  • stephaniesstyleblog

    great interview and lovely photos.
    xx Stephanie (

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  • Sydne Summer

    Gorgeous photos! Obsessed with the lime table decor Jacey!

  • Taylor

    I love her blog, this was a great interview!

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  • shopgirl

    Where is that white/black tunic shirt from?? It’s simple and elegant and looks perfect for lounging :)

  • Suzanne Aydlett

    Does anyone know where she got that bed tray?

  • Sarah Swango

    Awesome! Thank you. :)

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