5 Summer Grilling Recipes

[tps_header]Although summer has technically only just begun, hosting a cookout allows the kick-off excitement to last for the rest of the season. This year, though, we challenge you to think beyond the standard hot dog and hamburger fare. We’re dreaming of pineapple and chicken kebabs, grilled veggies, plank salmon and Thai-style grilled chicken. Grab those grilling tongs and invite all your friends, your family or your new next-door neighbor, and continue to celebrate this seasonal cooking tradition well into September.

By Carrie Waller of Dream Green DIY.[/tps_header]
We’re always keeping the idea of a colorful plate in mind, so the kaleidoscope of colors (and flavors!) in these Grilled Veggie Kebobs with Orzo puts the recipe at the top of our list.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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